Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Controversial "They Lied" ad paid by Stalinist organization

The anti-war crowd in America claims that dissent is patriotic. That is true. Americans are guaranteed the freedoms of speech, press, and assembly among others promised by the Bill of Rights. With this freedom should be the responsibility to understand the consequences of one’s actions and the motives of the promoters of the anti-war protests.

Many newspapers in the last several weeks of September, 2005 carried a two-page ad paid for by ANSWER. These ads had “They Lied” with President Bush, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, and others on one page. The other page of the ad listed the names of US military personnel killed to date in the war on terror. Although “They” did not lie, for everyone from Bill Clinton to Kofi Annan believed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction prior to our invasion of Iraq, ANSWER does have the right to promote their dezinformatsia.

ANSWER is a front for the Stalinist Workers World Party. Yes, an organization that promotes communism is the instigator in the anti-war protests. Many Americans are not aware of this as they were not aware the anti-war protests in the 60’s were largely financed by the Soviet Union. There are many reputable sources of proof for this statement of fact.

Useful idiots is a term that Lenin, the first leader of the Soviet Union used many years ago in reference to union workers and others who helped him rise and sustain power. This term currently comes to mind in regards to the anti-war protestors on Monday at the White House and around the nation. These protestors held signs reading “Victory to the Insurgents” and similar slogans. What this says is the protestors are NOT anti-war; they are pro-war -- against the United States of America.

Protestors need to recognize the consequences of their actions and who they are really helping. They are not helping us end the war sooner for lasting peace. Rather, the anti-war protestors are encouraging the terrorists, those who harbor terrorists, and those who are anti-America, anti-West, anti-freedom, and anti-capitalist. Stop helping ANSWER and those who wish the destruction of the United States. To the anti-war protestors, stop being a useful idiot.


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