Thursday, October 06, 2005


In analyzing our site counter, we see we have a substantial number of visitors from Taiwan. We wish you every success in maintaining your freedom from Communist China. No matter how China evolves business-wise, they are still Communist. Having visited two Communist countries and with consistent research, this author understands China is incompatible with freedom because they are Communist.

A recent example, and an example that disgusted many Americans; a person in China mildly critiqued the government. Yahoo! turned over the identifying information of this individual to the Communist government. This person will presumably never be heard from again.

Yahoo!'s explanation? They were merely "...following the laws of the land in which (they) operate." The Nuremburg defense did not save the Nazis - "We were merely following orders." This is not a good explanation on behalf of Yahoo! And, other U.S. companies have done the same. For the record, this author is taking active steps to cease doing business with Yahoo! I believe every freedom loving person should do the same. It is unacceptable to trade freedom for money no matter how strong of a capitalist I am.

Good fortune, citizens of Taiwan. Freedom is the best gift humans have, and we wish you continued success.


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