Thursday, February 22, 2007

"Support Troops" While Cutting Them Off At The Knees?

Imagine Chicago Bears fans saying "Da Bears are da best" but who then betted heavily on Indianapolis to win. Then the fans told the Chicago Bears while playing in the Super Bowl that they supported the team but betted on Indianapolis.

Imagine the morale of the Chicago Bears. Imagine the morale of the Bear's fans. Imagine how energized the Indianapolis team would be against the Bears.

Now, imagine the stakes were life and death and not some ball game. Imagine the stakes were the future (or no future when terrorists obtain nuclear devices) of our country.

Such are the literal stakes we face from opponents who do not make threats but promises. Their promises are to kill us. No one can say they support the troops and at the same time say they are going to underfund and undercut the troops. There is no consistency or truth to these statements. Not to mention the sheer number of lies and distortions directed against the president.

Our troops may overcome any morale problems created by these disingenuous statements, but our enemies will be strengthened.

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