Sunday, February 25, 2007

Islamic Republic Of Iran

This is a message to the people of Iran. I notice an astounding number of readers of this blog live in the Islamic Republic of Iran (and also readers from China).

Believe this; no one that I know of desires a war with Iran.

Your president, Ahmadinejad, is determined to obtain a nuclear device. Because of statements he has made threatening Israel, and because the possibility of islamic fanatics obtaining a nuclear bomb is great, it is likely one or more of the Allied militaries will attack you to destroy your country's nuclear capabilities. This attack should come if diplomacy fails.

There also seems to be a substantial amount of weapons traced to Iran that have killed our military personnel. These weapons may come from a rogue group of you Revolutionary Guards but if these weapons came from your government, this is an act of war. For this reason alone, we would be justified in attacking Iran.

We in the west, seriously, wish all the citizens of the world to have the freedoms and prosperity that we enjoy in America. These freedoms and prosperity will not be yours unless you demand them, and if necessary, as in our own American Revolution, seize that which is the right of all men. Freedom.

Should America or another coalition country attack you, please help the attackers even if it is Israel. Yes, even if it is Israel.

Your students openly protested your president several months ago no doubt at risk of their lives and the lives of their families. I know it is easy for me to write and advise you to help any military that wishes to throw off the chains holding you from freedom. I fully understand the risks you would face. In spite of the harsh rhetoric against islam on this blog, I have many Persian friends. The harsh rhetoric is targeted towards the extremists.

At the minimum, do nothing to harm coalition aircraft or soldiers and Ahmadinejad may be removed by more mainstream people in your country.

But, if you do nothing when the time comes and your president remains in power, you may lose more freedoms. You then have only yourself to blame if you did not demand your freedoms.

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