Monday, February 12, 2007

John Edwards' "Two Americas"

Perhaps John Edwards' leftist rhetoric so gullibly believed by voters in 2004 was right. Perhaps there are "two Americas" consisting of the rich and the poor.

Mr. Edwards' new home in North Carolina sits on 102 acres. The main house has 10,400 sq. ft. The "recreation house" is connected to the main house and has 15,600 sq. ft. with a basketball court, squash court, two states, a bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms, and a swimming pool.

Good for him. As a capitalist, I harbor no jealousy towards those who succeed in America. Even slimy leftist trial lawyers.

But hypocrisy and leftist rhetoric is another thing. I know of which America Mr. Edwards belongs. May the voters also realize this at election time.

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