Monday, February 12, 2007

Socialism and Global Warming

Temperatures from 1940 to 1975 went down while global levels of CO2 increased. The media towards the end of that period hysterically told us the world was undergoing global cooling.

The media and the scientists' predictions of that time were wrong. They are also now wrong in regards to so-called global warming.

The media and Al Bore would have us believe that global warming sceptics are crackpots and are in the minority. This is hardly the case. 19,000 (not a misprint) respected climatologists signed a declaration that rejects Gore’s accusation that the rise of greenhouse gasses is caused by mankind’s use of fossil fuels.

Incidentally, if Al Bore's figures in his movie are to believed, the period in which the greatest global warming occurred was during the eight years that he was VP of the United States.

Several scientific facts that probably no scientist disputes is that 95% of the so-called greenhouse gases are water vapor. The principal by-product of man's alleged global warming contribution is CO2. Carbon dioxide. Plants require carbon dioxide to live. Coupled with water and sunlight, plants produce O2 (oxygen) that all animals including humans require.

One could have a laugh creating a hysterical movement parodying the global warming crowd stating that the left wants to kill humans because they want to remove the CO2 that plants require to make the O2 that we need. But I digress.

In reality, the left and those from developing countries are slyly promoting socialism because they want to weaken capitalist countries.

Oh, they won't admit it, but the Kyoto Protocol requires a reduction in the so-called greenhouse gases by either a reduction in manufacturing from the "rich" countries like America or the exchange of energy credits.

There is no similar requirement from some of the worst polluters such as China.

China, by their own government's admission, says smog has placed about a third of their country under acid rain with 90% (not a misprint) of their water sources polluted or overused. Typically, communist governments gloss over troubles so the situation is likely worse.

Do leftists really want to drag us down to the level of China?

Yes, they do.

The other option for "rich" countries is to exchange energy credits. A transfer of wealth in both cases to the disadvantage of developed countries. Socialism.

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