Monday, February 26, 2007

The Real Score

Reminiscent of Vietnam, the media since Somalia seems to be focused on body counts. OK, here goes.

18 Rangers and Delta Force killed vs. 600 to 1,000 Somali attackers killed.

Iraq War
With an acknowledged 20 to 1 kill ratio in this war:
~3300 Americans killed vs. 66,000 (this figure does NOT include non-hostile Iraqi people. This figure estimate is terrorist combatants from a number of nations.)

These 3,300 dead Americans are, of course, all tragic but are less than the 4,400 military dead in peacetime during four years of the Clinton so-called administration and less than the last year (1980) of Carter's so-called administration, also during a time of peace.

The media must recognize they are part of the war. It is unclear whether the media in whole or in part is a willing or unwilling combatant, but our enemies have made it clear: the media is a key part of their strategy.

Sure, the terrorists' objective is to kill Americans, but it is more important to demoralize Americans for this is the only way for the terrorists to win. Terrorists need the assistance of the media. There really is no objectivity in this; you're either for us or against us.

One almost thinks the terrorists are paid advertisers of some national media outlets.

*It is the policy of this blog to not capitalize anything associated with islam until when, and if, their members decide to rejoin the human race.

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