Thursday, February 08, 2007

Hillary in Iowa (lies, distortions, and cold weather)

Where to begin? We've all heard about Hillary's gaffe in Iowa where a reporter asked her (in the context of dealing with evil regimes) her experience in dealing with evil men. Her reply was, "What in my background equips me to deal with evil and bad men?" She tried later to explain that she was alluding to Ken Starr even though we all know she meant her husband, Bill der Slickmeister. See the NY Post link.

What the media failed to hone in on with a few exceptions was that she said she supported the ethanol industry (ethanol comes from corn and corn is big in Iowa) and that she was in favor of government ethanol subsidies. The problem is, she voted 17 times in the Senate against ethanol subsidies and she never voted for ethanol subsidies.

The other item the media missed completely is her affect on the weather. The exception was the local Des Moines Register by their headline in an inside page of, "Hillary reveals personality in Iowa." No wonder the weather that day was cold, frosty, and icy.

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