Sunday, February 18, 2007

Weekly Enemy Of America - 17 House Republicans

The Weekly Enemy Of America designation goes to all 17 Republican House of Representatives' members who voted with the traitor party to help the terrorists. We expect subversion and treasonous acts from the Democrat Party who are in their fifth decade of helping America's enemies, but for Republicans to vote this way is inexcusable.

Murtha announced in advance of the vote that they (the Democrat Party and their big money donors) were going to target vulnerable Republicans who did not vote with the Democrat Party for this resolution. This may explain why these RINOs (Republicans in name only) voted for the resolution.

Nothing is more important than our nation's defense and therefore, by extension, the support of our troops and contractors and support personnel.

If our troops and contractors on a daily basis risk their lives, is your job more important?


If our intelligence personnel risk their lives on a daily basis, then is your job more sacred?


Our domestic federal law enforcement agents spend extraordinary amounts of time in pursuit of domestic terrorists also at risk of their lives.

Our troops, contractors, intelligence personnel, and federal LEO's are away from their families for day's, week's, month's or longer. Some, never return.

Were your votes thought through in regards to how the world and our enemies would perceive your votes? It hardly seems so or you would not have voted for this resolution.

The only thing worse than the party of seemingly terrorist sympathizers and coddlers to vote for this resolution was for RINOs to vote for this resolution. For putting your jobs above your country, your troops, and your flag, you RINOs earned this Weekly Enemy Of America.

Below is a link to the House Roll Call Vote against the president's troop surge plan. We are obtaining the home states for each of these terrorism enablers.

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