Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hillary Buys The Black Vote

The discredited Hillary Clinton's campaign reached a deal in the last several days to pay the "consulting" firm of South Carolina state Sen. Darrell Jackson who is a prominent and key black political leader

The reported bribe, errr, consulting fees are $10,000 a month each month through the 2008 elections. The total amount expected to be paid exceeds $200,000.

Barack Hussein Osama Obama's campaign had been in talks with Mr. Jackson's consulting firm but had reportedly only offered a bribe, errrr, consulting fee of $5,000 per month.

The cold, frosty, and calculating Clinton realizes Support from black voters is key in South Carolina, where 49 percent of the Democratic presidential primary vote came from blacks in 2004. The state will host the first Southern primaries for both the Democrats and the GOP in 2008, according to a story gained from campaign information and information from the press.

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