Friday, March 02, 2007

How to Defeat Democraps in '08

How to win in '08? Take away Democrats' base. Their anti-war left. Without this vote, a member of the Democrat Party cannot be elected as president and the rest on down will fail.

How then to take away their base?

This gets even better because it keeps all of the Democrat Party off balance for the next two years.

Ask each and every elected Democrat Party member this question. "You said if you were elected that you would bring the troops home. Why have you not done this?

The actual answer as to why they have not and will not is Americans believe we can still win in Iraq (indeed, we are winning in spite of what the nice TV tells us). Americans want to win. We hate to lose and we hate to lose a war even more.

Asking this question of elected Democrats keeps their liberal base agitated and they're easily stirred up anyway. All emotions and no logic.

The elected Democrats do not have the courage to vote to bring the troops home or cut funding. If they ran on this platform for '06, let's ask them at each opportunity why they don't do what they said. Become single issue questioners and the Democrats will be defeated in '08.

Stay focused, don't let them distract or deflect, and they will lose.

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