Friday, March 02, 2007

Negotiation 101: Iran

Among the many requirements for successful negotiation, the fundamental requirement for a successful outcome is that the other party can be trusted to fulfill their negotiated obligation.

Negotiate with a person who denies the Holocaust, says he wants to annihilate Israel, and makes it clear that he wants to obtain a nuclear bomb? Probably not a good idea. The result will be a nuke (or more) exploding somewhere in the middle east or in an American city or cities.

The President seemed to understand this when there was public pressure to talk with Iran's President Ahmadinejad and he refused. He resisted when the Iraq Study Group also recommended the same.

Now, we are going to talk to Iran. The goal is to persuade Iran to not build nukes. Fortunately, the President knows the scoop. No matter what Ahmadinejad says for public consumption, he will build a nuke and he will use it.

Ahmadinijad's branch of islam* believes they must help along what we call Armageddon. You just know he's going to create the mother of all world wars if he gets a nuke.

So, the ostensible reason the president directed discussions with Iran is to level with them. Stop your nuclear ambitions or we will destroy you. This language, Ahmadinejad understands. These discussions provide cover should we have to attack Iran. The president can say that we have explored all diplomatic options.

One cruise missile is all it takes and Ahmadinejad is out of power. We wouldn't have to invade.

Sure, a war with Iran is not ideal but letting them obtain a nuke is unthinkable and irresponsible.

*We do not capitalize anything associated with islam until when, and if, their believers decide to rejoin the human race.

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