Sunday, October 09, 2005

Police commit a hate crime?

Normally, I think the so-called hate crime laws are a bunch of politically correct (corrupt) malarkey. It is disturbing to view the videotape mentioned in the attached CNN article. New Orleans 'police,' arrested and beat a 64 year old man. This man happens to be black and the arresting officers are white. The man's offense? Public intoxication. I never realized I broke the law so many times as a tourist in New Orleans.

Another white officer bent a producer back over a car and simply assaulted the producer. The producer's cameraman filmed the producer's assault and the 'drunk' man's assault.

There is an old principal - we are all in this together. Cops beating an old black man will one day beat a young white man. These so-called cops were later arrested and charged with simple battery. Instead, they need to be charged with a hate crime. Rights for one are rights for all.


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