Monday, February 19, 2007

Another Muslim Hate Crime

A manic muslim* cabdriver from Somalia went on a rampage after getting into an argument over the false religion of islam. The two innocent passengers were students visiting Nashville and were engaged in an apparently harmless conversation about religion with the cabdriver.

Upon exiting the cab and paying their fare, the students attempted to leave peacefully. The cab driver put his car in gear, jumped a curb, and struck the innocent kids.

The beserk driver was arrested and charged with assault and attempted homicide. Police also discovered the license plates on his car were stolen. He was then charged with theft.

The cab driver committed a hate crime and further illustrating the false religion of islam, the driver demonstrated no morals as he had allegedly stole the license plates.

So much for the "peaceful" religion of islam.,2933,252783,00.html

*It is the policy of this blog to never capitalize islam, muslim, or koran (qu'ran).

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