Wednesday, February 14, 2007

John Edwards' Candidacy Is Doomed

The fundamental skill required of a president is the skills of managing a business or government. Executive skills. Skills that Senators overwhelmingly do no possess.

Hiring, mentoring, and retaining the right people for the right position is critical to the success of a chief executive. Hire the wrong person, and one ends up with a Sandy Berger last seen illegally stuffing national security documents down his pants to hide the incompetence of the Clinton so-called administration.

John Edwards hired two bloggers for his campaign. These staffers had, on their own personal web sites, made anti-Catholic statements that could also clearly be read as anti-Christian statements.

Some of their rants were rather vulgar and extremely angry. When publicly revealed, John Edwards attempted to defend the indefensible. Had these same staffers made anti-black statements or anti-Islamic rantings, they would have been fired.

These staffers finally yet defiantly had the good sense to resign from the Edwards campaign. In this fundamental test of the candidate's chief executive skills, Mr. Edwards showed he does not have the chief executive skills required of a president. The unfortunate result is he, along with Barack Hussein Osama Obama's doomed candidacy, have made it more likely that Hillary Clinton with be the Democrat Party's nominee.

Mr. Edwards, go back to your extreme mansion in the top half of your two Americas. You have failed again and now do not have the tired monotone John Kerry to blame. You can only blame yourself for your failure.

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