Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Why Dictatorships Can't Be Trusted

Neville Chamberlin learned that Adolph Hitler could not be trusted. There was no "Peace in our time."

Similarly, naive modern day Chamberlins including Barack Obama believe we should sit down and talk with our enemies such as Iran, Syria, and North Korea. The first and third countires were rightfully designated by president Bush as parts of the "Axis of Evil."

Leftists yesterday trumpeted the "great" diplomatic breakthrough with North Korea. Seemingly, North Korea had agreed to close down and cap its main nuclear reactor and eventually dismantle its atomic weapons program in exchange for some aid and fuel oil.

North Korea's spin hours later was that the nuclear production was only "...a temporary suspension" of its nuclear program."

Talking to dictators only plays into their hands. Just like with terrorists, killing dictators or capturing them is the only diplomacy they understand and respect.

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