Monday, February 12, 2007

Lesson of History, "Never Again" ignored and forgotten

Following WWII and the Nazi atrocities, it was said that we (humanity) would learn the lessons of History. "Never again" would Jews be attacked and killed and never again would world governments allow a madman to arise in their midst and create havoc.

It seems the phrase "Never again" was forgotten.

Iranian president Ahmadenejad has promised to "...wipe Israel off of the map." He has further stated that the holocaust never happened. The world stands by while this nutcase continues stalling the naive. Stalling for time to complete his nuclear bombs and fulfill the prophesy of his extreme branch of the extreme Islam religion.

Iran will build nuclear weapons and there is nothing that can be done about it, according to an internal EU document mentioned in the attached Financial Times link.

As we already know through captured Iranian soldiers and spies in Iraq, president Ahmadenejad's public promises (Islamic nutcases and terrorists do not make threats, they make promises), and with forensic information obtained from exploded IED's in Iraq, Iraq is already at war with the United States.

The EU says there is nothing that can be done to stop Iran. This is the impotent EU that would talk to a madman. A madman, such as Ahmadenejad can only be killed or captured like Sadaam Hussein.

Thus, unless the Iranian people overthrow Ahmadenejad, war against Iran is the only solution. It is not a good solution but probably the only solution.

If we are to learn the lessons of History, Ahmadenejad must be stopped now when the costs in lives, money, and perhaps the livability of lands due to nuclear fallout is less than if we wait.

Israel has the right to exist. If we mindlessly chant slogans of "never again" without defense, then we are more foolish than those who stood by when Hitler rose to power. Neville Chamberlin was proved wrong. Now, we have many Neville Chamberlins in the Democrat Party. The Obama's, Clinton's, Gore's, Kerry's, and others are just as naive as Chamberlin but more dangerous due to modern armaments.

Stop Ahmadenejad now before it is truly too late.

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