Saturday, October 15, 2005

NBC sinks in staged news

NBC, along with others in the national media, last week made a fuss of military personnel being prepared for a Q&A with the president. The media called this a staged event.

Well, the 'staged event' was nothing more than planning which soldier would address which question from the president and which soldier would ask the president a question in what order. Everyone does this, to borrow a phrase championed by the left in the 90's.

Here we have a recent photo of an NBC blowhard sitting in a canoe while covering flooding in New Jersey. This was a great shot and brought to mind the flooding of New Orleans -- that is, until two men walked in front of the camera in shallow water.

Another example of how we are routinely lied to by the media. Who stages the news, NBC? Hmmm?

Manipulation of the news photo by NBC.

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