Thursday, October 13, 2005

Weekly "Enemy of America"

For the second week in a row, the national media is our "Enemy of America."

The second in command of the losing Islamofascist group, Al-Queda, recently wrote a letter to the head of the terrorists in Iraq. This letter was intercepted by an intelligence agency and is available at in English and Arabic.

The principal of Al-Queda wrote that the war in Iraq, and the war against them, the terrorists, would be won not on the battlefield, but in the court of public opinion as manipulated by the media.

The national media and the sycophants of the left, aided by Ted Kennedy and his like, the gullible left-wing crowd, and worse, the Chuck Hagel's who should know better, are providing aid and comfort to the enemy by fostering false hope in the delusional minds of the terrorists. It is ok to criticize, but provide a solution to the war against terrorist. Anything less, and you are an "Enemy of America."

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