Monday, October 10, 2005

Seig Heil, New Orleans 'Police' and two federatsi

I believe the terms "SS" and "Nazi" are too often thrown around so as to reduce the reprehensible meanings of these words. Thus, I do not use any associated terms lightly.

The recent actions of the three NO police members who viciously attacked an unarmed sixty-four year old black male, and the two federal agents who assisted this assault, supported by the fat white cop who assaulted a producer for the Associated Press, are reminiscent of the SS.

The elderly black male is reportedly a retired school teacher. After the attack, the NO police department stated that the man was arrested for public drunkenness. As of this writing, the attorney for this man states that the man had not been drinking at all.

The tape clearly shows: the man is not mouthing off to the police even though this would not be justification for the assault. The man is not resisting arrest. A mounted police officer is attempting to tamper with evidence by using his horse to block the cameraman's view. One cop hits the man several times in the head with a closed fist. A fat white cop who later self identified himself as "S.M. Smith" badge number "1792," assaults without provocation, a producer for the associated press. The AP producer clearly holds up his credentials while the fat cop orders him to tell the cameraman to turn off the camera.

The outcome to date? Three of the NO officers were suspended. No word of the federatsi.

All LEO's involved should be terminated and prosecuted for felony assault. Further, all associated officers of their agencies should be taught how to safely take down a person so that no harm comes to the arresting officer or to the offender. The LEO's attacking the elderly black man clearly did not have a clue. The associated agencies should also have a refresher course in constitutional law.

For the record, I do know LEO's at local, state, and federal levels and beyond and the overwhelming number of men and women in law enforcement are good people. I support these good LEO's.

However, in regards to these 'things' who attacked this man, I do hope some good citizens recognize them in public and educate them. Enough said.

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