Thursday, March 15, 2007

New York Times Spanks Al "The Sky Is Falling" Gore

The New York Times, in a stunning smack down of Al Gore, told Monsieur Comrade Gore to stop his exaggerations and alarmist rhetoric following Mr. Gore's anti-capitalist propaganda movie about so-called global warming. In a special science column quoting reputable scientists, the Times finally came clean saying in essence if there is global warming, Al Bore is causing it from the hot air released during his speeches.

Curious political observers speculate as to the reason behind the Times' unprovoked attack. It could be that Mr. Bore is discrediting the movement. It was revealed that in addition to liberal usage of private jets to fly all around the world to obtain speaker fees in the low six figures, Mr. Gore's private home uses 20 times the average energy of a typical American homeowner.

Further, after the United Nation's IPCC report about alleged global warming released information that livestock put forth more global warming gases than all human induced causes, PETA (not People Eating Tasty Animals) called Mr. Gore onto the carpet. They said Mr. Gore would be a hypocrite (shudder!!!!) if he continued eating meat.

Others believe the Clintons were behind the written attack just in case Mr. Gore gets too uppity and decides to get in Hillary's way.

We may never learn the real reason behind The New York Times finally moving close to the line of truth, but one thing is for certain; to the left, Mr. Gore is no longer a useful idiot. He is just an idiot.

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