Thursday, February 08, 2007

Chicken Little and global warming

The sky is falling. It truly is.

Jimmy Carter stated with near certainty in the late 70’s that we would run out of oil by the end of the century. The Federal Energy Administration then predicted based on models that the world would run out of oil and our country would run out of natural gas by the year 2000. We still have, conservatively, over a century’s worth of oil remaining.

Speaking of the year 2000, what happened to the predicted Y2K collapse?

Also during the 1970’s, the world faced a global catastrophe from Global Cooling that never quite panned out.

Who can forget 2006, the year that was supposed to be the worst year ever for hurricanes?

In the meantime, we’ve dealt with killer bees, child molesters at every bus stop, Internet dating gone astray, and anything else the media can use to scare us into buying their printed materials or watching mind- numbing programs with advertisements telling us what to buy to make us happy. Further, the Malthusian people still believe that we will soon run out of food to feed the world. As in Jimmy Carter’s case, there are willing political sycophants to assist in terrifying us.

Now, we are supposed to be excited about global warming. The UN’s recent report was cherry picked for information supporting the global warming crowd. In fact, this report actually backed off of many prior claims and predictions of extremes. We have less ice melting, etc., than was predicted even several years ago. We are talking inches of new shoreline in the future, and certainly not twenty feet as Al Gore would have us believe.

The UN Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change had a summary graph of temperature changes for the past millennium. The millennium began with temperatures about the same as they are now. The Little Ice Age began about 1400. We are now in the recovery period of this natural cycle.

Several recent years showed spikes in global temperature that paralleled temperature increases on Mars attributed to solar activity. As much as I would like to blame SUV owners for temperature increases, NASA has not yet found SUVS on Mars.There is an extreme amount of reputable, credible, and mainstream contrarian information to successfully contest the global warming crowd. Much of this is not heard because those who hold these views are shouted down, or threatened with the withholding of research funds or jobs.What will the media have us needlessly “worry” about in the coming years once global warming chills out?

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