Thursday, February 08, 2007

Senator Chuck Hagel; Traitor to his party and to his country

One final comment for the day on Hillary. The only person that would cause me to vote for Hillary (unless I just stay home) for President on election day would be if Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska were her opposition. It is unlikely that Senator Hagel will survive the primary as he has so infuriated the American base. His attempt to coddle the left who laud him now when he is opposing the president (and helping the terrorists) will backfire as the left and the media will not support him in opposition to any Democrat candidate.

It is difficult to write this about someone who earned a Purple Heart in Vietnam but a Purple Heart does not provide either expertise (ala John Kerry) to criticize the president or the right to undermine America and the war effort. May you suffer the worst election loss in History, Mr. Traitor

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