Thursday, February 08, 2007

Tokyo Rose, traitors, and the Democrat Party

There were several recent articles on the Internet in regards to Tokyo Rose of Japanese WWII infamy regarding the main points of her broadcasts. Tokyo Rose made psy-ops (psychological operations) radio broadcasts to demoralize American military personnel. Two of the three items mentioned on the Internet were the actual themes of her broadcasts.

What the Japanese found was that they could achieve some level of success in demoralizing troops by focusing on three main concepts in these broadcasts. These three main topics were: 1) the president is lying, 2) the big corporations are profiting from the war, and 3) you are not winning.

The lieberals’ mantra of "Bush lied," “Halliburton (or insert name of any company supporting the war effort) is profiting by the war, and "we are not winning and can't win" also mimics Tokyo Rose's broadcast theme. These irresponsible, misguided, and naive comments not only demoralize our troops, but also give aid and comfort to our enemies. These comments give our enemies hope to hold on until some American politicians and media can win the war for the terrorists. These comments provide the catalyst for new attacks.

Worse, there are some Republicans angling for a presidential run who are publicly stating these untruthful comments.

All of this illustrates that what is old is new and some will stop at nothing to help terrorists win the war on terror solely for their political gain.

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