Thursday, February 08, 2007

Global warming is a farce

There are some socialist politicians and their media sycophants who attempt to hobble the United States' productivity by ceaselessly trumpeting the effects of so-called global warming.

There are many scientists who believe there is no global warming. There are others who are not sure whether or not global warming exists but if there is global warming they are not certain that it is caused by man's activities. Yet, we are all to blindly and hysterically sign the Kyoto Treaty and cripple our economic production while China, India, and Russia are exempted from this treaty.

Some scientists believe, and this belief is gaining ground because of the over-whelming evidence, that the Earth undergoes natural cycles of heating and cooling relatively unaffected by man's activities. Although there have been some recent years of higher temperatures, overall, the planet heated up mostly up until 1940 after which, as a whole, the global temperature has cooled. No one would know this from the media (except during the 1970's when we were supposed to be undergoing global cooling).

Incidentally, the recent years of higher Earth temperatures parallel higher temperatures on Mars. Scientists do believe with some certainty that there are no factories or SUVS on Mars. What has occurred during this time is an increase in solar activity.

In any event, as the attached link reveals in an article, even the UN does not agree in regards to global warming in spite of the cherry picked propaganda regurgitated without question by the media. Trained as a scientist, I am sceptical by nature, especially when those who are receiving large grants are the most vocal in regards to global warming. Follow the money, always.

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