Thursday, February 08, 2007

Winning the war against terrorists

In this article, I will make an exception to my long-standing policy of not capitalizing Muslim, Islam, or the Qu-ran in the hopes that there are still decent Muslims out there who will fight the terrorists.

Winning the war against terrorists requires a continued assault both militarily, diplomatically, and economically against terrorists and countries that either sponsor terrorists or look the other way at terrorist activities.

There is yet another way to defeat terrorists to have the best chance of success. This war has lasted for at least thirty years but only recognized (and only by some that we are at war) in America on September 11, 2001. This war will probably last another thirty years before the end. Non-radical Muslims must speak up to defeat those in their midst who take the violent portions of the Qur'an and twist the words for their violent goals.

To be sure, here in the United States and in other countries, there are Muslims working against the terrorists in their midst at a legitimate and probable risk of their own deaths and the deaths of their families. Terrorists have been killing Arabic, Afghan, Pushtun, and other translators and contractors not only as a matter of policy, but because the Qur’an calls for the death penalty for helping infidels.

So far, the silence from the Muslim community is deafening. This silence only encourages the terrorists much as the media and some in a political party encourage the terrorists by their words and actions.

There are many more good Muslims than bad Muslims. Paraphrasing a cliché, the way for evil to triumph is for good Muslims to remain silent against the extremists. It is time for Muslims across the world to stand up against the terrorists who have hijacked your religion.

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