Thursday, February 08, 2007

Statues: The Evil Empire and the Axis of Evil

A statue of Ronald Reagan is being erected in Prague 6, Czech Republic, as a symbol of his part in the victory over communism. The Mayor of Prague 6, Tomas Chalupa, made erecting a statue of Ronald Reagan a centerpiece of his campaign for mayor as a member of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS).

This statue will join a similar statue in Poland of President Reagan. Those under the boot of decades of communism recognize the significant contribution President Reagan made in the downfall of communism.

At the time of his presidency, leftists made fun of his "simple-minded" goals of a strategic space shield mocked as "Star Wars." There is little left, now, about which to laugh. We have hit and destroyed moving missiles with lasers (as well as other rockets). China recently destroyed one of their own satellites with a moving missile.

Ronald Reagan was right about "Star Wars."Ronald Reagan was also correct in calling the Soviet Union an evil empire. This author did visit the former Soviet Union and can attest, even in the late 80's, to the fear that the Soviet people had in speaking to those of us from the west. The Soviets killed, starved, dominated, and enslaved tens of millions of people. They were an evil empire, and yet, leftists either made fun of President Reagan, made apologies for the Soviets, or called him a "war-monger."

Just has President Reagan was proven right by History, so will President Bush.

Like President Lincoln, President Bush faces a now unpopular war. Several years ago, the president called Iran, Iraq, and North Korea, the "Axis of Evil." Leftists again brought out their tired and discredited comments and called the president naive or a war-monger.

Yet, History has proven the president correct. Sure, there have been mistakes in the conduct of the war. There are mistakes in everything that every human does and war introduces many opportunities for error. The enemy almost never does what a general desires.

But, overall, the president is right in his fundamental belief that we are facing an evil menace and we must defeat this menace.

Like Lincoln and Reagan, President Bush is a leader who does what is right. Weak men follow polls. Leaders, such as President Bush, have statues erected of them by a grateful populace. Someday, there will be statues of President Bush in the middle east erected by a grateful populace after History proves him right.

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