Thursday, March 15, 2007

Pelosi's Pompous Political Pacifist Pinkos

Reportedly, the extreme (even more extreme left than Madame Pelosi) Maxine Waters and other leftists got into a closed door shout match with Mrs. Pelosi. It seems there are some who really do want us to lose in Iraq and withdraw. Waters is one of these losers in every sense of the word.

Pelosi, faced with political realities and stymied when her hack John Murtha's "slow bleed" tactic was revealed to the press, can't withdraw from Iraq. The left is up in arms with the Democratic leadership. It was written in this very blog less than two weeks ago that the strategy for Republicans to win in '08 is to agitate the left.

The left, acting with emotions and not logic, is easy to upset. The left thought that if Pelosi became Speaker, they could prevail and cause us to lose the Iraq war.

Stopping their evil and naive plans are not only the American populace who wants to win and believes we can win, but also Blue Dog Democrats in the tradition of the old Democratic Harry Truman Party, not of the current Stalinist Party.

The left got themselves into this mess. You get what you voted for; people who have no morals and integrity can't be trusted to vote the way they say they would. You on the left didn't really expect Pelosi to keep her promises, did you?

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