Thursday, March 15, 2007

Republican's Spineless

Incomprehensible is Republicans understand that we are at war and understand what kind of an enemy we are facing. We know we must attack terrorists on many different fronts including militarily, diplomatically with other nations, and financially for our terrorist enemies are relentless.

So too, are the internal enemies of America who are similarly relentless in their attacks. Democrats.

Republicans can support killing and capturing terrorists because we understand the enemy we face but yet Republicans do not see the internal enemy before them. How can this be? How can so called Senator Schumer create a scandal out of nothing and Republicans try to get along?

Senator Schumer, aided by the national media, made it appear as if the president and his staff did something wrong by firing eight federal prosecutors. This ability is a constitutional allowance. In fact, the Clinton so called administration fired 93 of 94 federal prosecutors in 1993.

Perhaps Republicans were afraid to get between Senator Schumer and a television camera.

I suggest, that if soldiers and Marines can daily face enemy attacks, Republicans can find the backbones to stand up to the lies, distortions, and half-truths.

Republicans can't wait for the left to disintegrate. We must attack and defend.

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