Saturday, March 17, 2007

Set-ups, Trial Lawyers, and imams

In an example of anyone can be sued by anyone for any reason, the terrorist-acting imams* asked to leave a Minneapolis outbound flight last year are now suing passengers for reporting their suspicious behaviors.

The airline was previously named as a defendant in the suit.

The trial lawyers (John Edwards is a trial lawyer) involved are aiding and abetting terrorism. Some believe the imams were setting this up from the beginning so as to sue and gain monetary rewards.

Yes, they did set this up (go ahead, sue me) so as to later file a lawsuit, but their real reasons were more sinister.

You see, their suit against the airline, and now the passengers creates a climate of fear. No, not a fear of being blown out of the sky but a fear of being sued.

Airlines and passengers in the future will be less likely to report strange behaviour the next time a muslim does something suspicious for fear of being sued.

This is what the imams wanted from the start; to make people afraid to report information and make airlines hesitant to take necessary actions.

Trial lawyers are aiding and abetting the next terrorist attack.

Go ahead, sue me. Dirtbags.

*It is the policy of this blog to not capitalize anything associated with the dirty, primitive, and false religion of the great satan, islam. May my shoes that walked in a pig pen remain on my copy of the koran.

* وليس من سياسة هذا الكحول لا تستفيد شيئا المرتبطه قذره بداءيه ، والباطله دين الشيطان الاكبر ، الا وهو الاسلام. هل يود ان مشى في حذاء خنزير القلم يظل بلدي على نسخة من القرآن.

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