Friday, October 07, 2005

Weekly "Enemy of America"

This is our first weekly award for the title of "Enemy of America." This week, we have a tie. The losers in every sense of the word are:

Bill Clinton, and, the national media.

I realize Bill Clinton and the national media could win each week, but they've been especially bad in the last week in giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

Disgraced former President Clinton publicly stated in a speech that he felt "...we (America) could not win the war in Iraq." Revealing his lack of military knowledge, lack of diplomacy, lack of world affairs, and lack of understanding the threat we face, he may end up "Enemy of America" of the year.

Foreign readers, and terrorists, should understand Clinton's motivation is to become the U.N. General Secretary - as if the U.N. was not already corrupt enough! Pandering to the world will only cost lives, Slick Willie.

The National Media also won this week as "Enemy of America" for not covering President Bush's Churchillian speech about the progress in the war on terror. The president revealed some successes our intelligence agencies have achieved in preventing terrorist attacks. Also thanks to our military who captured (and killed) some of the dirtbags who threatened America and the civilized world.

Giving aid and comfort to the enemy through false hope is despicable, especially from those who should know better. Rest assured, terrorists, America will not waver or falter until every one of you who thinks the way you do and is willing to act on your perverted beliefs is killed or captured. The naysayers are loud, but a distinct minority in America. Listen to them at your own demise.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Why does anyone listen to liberals? Part 1 - Energy

The environmentalists say we can't build damns to produce hydro-electric power.

Tree huggers won't let us drill for oil in ANWR.

Hippies chant, "No new refineries!" They say that oil companies are evil while ignoring the fact that oil companies have a fiduciary responsibility to make a profit to pay shareholders and to keep people employed.

Soccer moms (with the uninformed stereotype intended) say, "Not in my back yard!" in regards to nuclear power stations.

We know these people are wrong so why do we listen to them? Is it to shut up their annoying voices? In any event, we are paying for their mistakes at the gas pump and for increased energy costs this winter. Just thought that would make you feel warm and cozy.

Conserve energy - shout down a hippie!

If at first, or second, or third, or fourth, or fifth grand jury you don't succeed, try, try, a sixth grand jury

Yeah, Ronnie Earle is a non-partisan district attorney just doing his job. Brow-beating and dismissing juries until he gets an indictment. The irony is that Republicans have a rule for the leadership to step down if indicted, which DeLay did, but the Democrats have no such rule.,2933,171458,00.html

The dead overwhelmingly vote for Democrats

Americans may soon be able to use the telephone to vote in local elections, and could someday dial in their decision in national races, the WALL STREET JOURNAL reports on Thursday. The 2002 Help America Vote Act, which was created to simplify the voting process following the debacle in Florida during the 2000 presidential election, helped fund the development of new voting systems. MORE Vermont is the first state to commit to phone-voting technology. By the November 2006 elections, all of the state's voters who are unable to mark their own paper ballots are slated to use a new telephone voting system. The Vote-by-Phone, initially will be used only in polling places -- but there are plans to expand the system to voters' homes!

I can see it now, banks of democratic operatives setting up call centers and dialing for the dead. Vote early, vote often as they always say. We also see the potential for abuse on behalf of some of the elderly in some precincts of Florida. The ones who were too stupid that they claimed they accidentally voted for Pat Buchanan in the 2000 election instead of what's his face.


In analyzing our site counter, we see we have a substantial number of visitors from Taiwan. We wish you every success in maintaining your freedom from Communist China. No matter how China evolves business-wise, they are still Communist. Having visited two Communist countries and with consistent research, this author understands China is incompatible with freedom because they are Communist.

A recent example, and an example that disgusted many Americans; a person in China mildly critiqued the government. Yahoo! turned over the identifying information of this individual to the Communist government. This person will presumably never be heard from again.

Yahoo!'s explanation? They were merely "...following the laws of the land in which (they) operate." The Nuremburg defense did not save the Nazis - "We were merely following orders." This is not a good explanation on behalf of Yahoo! And, other U.S. companies have done the same. For the record, this author is taking active steps to cease doing business with Yahoo! I believe every freedom loving person should do the same. It is unacceptable to trade freedom for money no matter how strong of a capitalist I am.

Good fortune, citizens of Taiwan. Freedom is the best gift humans have, and we wish you continued success.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Did you know?

The Republican Party was founded to eliminate slavery. The first Republican president was Abraham Lincoln who gave his life.

Bumper stickers we would like to see

Buy an SUV

ED problems?
Buy a Hummer

Man bites dog? No, python bites gator

We digress from commentary. Here's a photo needing no description.

AP photo

Monday, October 03, 2005

Graphic: Another reason we hate the French

With tears in my eyes, I write some French are using dogs as shark bait. WARNING: graphic photo.,,2-2005450117,00.html

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Keep Iowa 'first' in the nation

Under discussion is the addition of up to four other states in addition to Iowa and New Hampshire to kick-off the presidential elections. We are against this proposal. We are happy with the Democratic presidential candidates that Iowa's liberals select - loser (in every sense of the word) presidential candidates.

Keep up the good work liberals!

More money made by saving than by high returns

A study released by Putnam Investments in Boston determined that increasing the money saved in a 401(k) had a greater impact on accumulation than picking a high-flying mutual fund.

Over a fifteen year period studied, doubling the amount invested from two percent to four percent doubled the amount saved. No kidding?

What was interesting was that over the same period, the difference between picking the best-performing mutual funds versus the worst-performing funds resulted in only a six percent difference in overall wealth. Increasing what was saved was 90 times more powerful than changing what was the investment.

Think about that for the next gas guzzling SUV payment. No one below the Forbes 400, really, can afford the cost.

Anti-American Rep. Charles Rangel disappointed

According to the LA Times, Rep. Charles Rangel (D) and Ike Skelton (D) commissioned a report from the federal Government Accountability Office (GAO). The GAO determined the overwhelming number of personnel killed or wounded in the war against terror in Iraq and Afghanistan (by number and by percentage of proportional total service members) are white and from active duty units.

The editor, writers, and contributors of this blog wish to publicly state we are for the war on terror, we support the president, and we believe he is pursuing the right people in the right manner that is politically possible in dealing with other countries. Further, we publicly state we support the men and women of our armed services and contractors, intelligence agencies, support personnel, and the families who support these persons at great hardship. Our intent in reporting and commenting on this study is solely because it would be expected based on past examples, these two partisan and rabidly anti-American Democrats, would use the deaths and injuries of heroic people for their misguided cause - to undermine the president and the United States.

Here are the report results:

Whites, 67 percent of the forces accounted for 71 percent of the deaths.

Blacks, 17 percent of the overall force, accounted for 9 percent of the deaths.

Hispanics were 9 percent of the forece and 10 percent of the deaths.

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders were 3 percent of each figure.

American Indian and Alaskan Natives were 1 percent of each figure.

It is probable that the percentages of whites killed and blacks killed as a percentage of the military force will not be released by Representatives Rangel and Skelton because the facts do not support their desired outcome.

It is also probable that since the facts do not support their desired outcome, we will fortunately not have to endure another call for congressional hearings at taxpayer expense. That is, until the next time the little worms dig up information to support their twisted views of the world.

Racism is alive and well in the Democratic Party

Former KKK member Robert Byrd defends the Klan

Nearly four months after the Senate's most influential Democrat, former majority leader Robert Byrd, defended the Ku Klux Klan in his autobiography, Byrd has yet to offer an apology - and fellow Democrats have not asked him to make one.

According to the eight-term West Virginia Democrat, the Klan he remembers was "a fraternal group of elites – doctors, lawyers, clergy, judges and other 'upstanding' people."
At no time, said Byrd, did he hear his fellow Klansman preach violence against blacks, Jews or Catholics.

Nearly four months after the Senate's most influential Democrat, former majority leader Robert Byrd, defended the Ku Klux Klan in his autobiography, Byrd has yet to offer an apology - and fellow Democrats have not asked him to make one.
" scripts

Byrd recalls that his admiration for the racist organization began early, when he was a little boy watching his father march in KKK parades. "Watching from the window, young Byrd saw people dressed in white hoods and robes and wearing white masks over their faces. Some years later, he wrote, he learned that his father had been a member of the Klan and took part in the parade" - according to a Washington Post synopsis of Byrd's book.

By the age of 25, the top Democrat saw the Klan as an opportunity to prove his mettle. After joining up in 1942, Byrd rose quickly through the organizational ranks, earning his stripes within months as a Kleagle - the Klan term for recruiter. Byrd excelled in the role - boasting in his book that he'd recruited at least 150 new Klansman. The feat helped him get elected to the position of "Exalted Cyclops" - a race Byrd proudly notes that he won "unanimously."
Klan Grand Dragon Joel Baskin said Byrd's performance was so impressive that he personally urged him to enter politics. "The country needs young men like you in the leadership of the nation," Byrd remembers the Grand Dragon telling him.

In recent years, the West Virginia Democrat has made obligatory-sounding comments about his Klan membership being the "biggest mistake of his life."
But Byrd's book makes it plain he still looks back on his Klan days with a measure of nostalgia. During his first congressional race in 1952, Byrd defended his decision to join the Klan, saying membership in the group "offered excitement." Five decades later Byrd was still using the "N"-word in national TV interviews. His lingering fondness for the Klan nothwithstanding, top Democrats have remained mum on Byrd's characterization of its membership as "upstanding people."

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Senator Ted Kennedy and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton continue to rely on Byrd as a key ally in tough political battles - and sometimes refer to him as "the conscience of the Senate."

New Yorkers back Rudy over Hillary

New Yorkers apparently know their own politicians. -Ed.

New York State voters would back former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani for president over home state senator and Democratic Party favorite, Hillary Clinton, according to a Marist College poll released Friday.
Forty-nine percent of New Yorkers say Rudy should run for the White House, while only 40 percent want Hillary Clinton do the same.
While more than two-thirds of Empire State Republicans [67 percent] want Rudy to seek the Oval Office, just 54 percent of Democrats [52 percent] say Hillary should run.
What's more, despite two years worth of media coverage touting her White House bid, an astonishing 36 percent Democrats in that bluest of blue states say Hillary should shelve her presidential ambitions for 2008.

Only 28 percent of Republicans turn thumbs down on President Rudy.
The news is even worse for Mrs. Clinton among those not affiliated with either party - a segment that usually constitutes the all-important "swing-vote" in national elections.
While 51 percent of Independents back Rudy for president, just 38 percent want to see Hillary back in the White House.
A full 57 percent of New York Independents say they oppose a presidential bid by Hillary.
Marist surveyed 707 registered voters in New York on September 26th and 27th. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 4 percent.

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