Friday, February 16, 2007

Truth Is Inconvenient

Sean Hannity reportedly will have a special this Sunday night at 9pm EST on FoxNews exposing some of the hypocrisy of Al Gore. It appears the truth will be inconvenient for Mr. Gore.

Mr. Hannity, using a carbon footprint calculator at the Inconvenient Truth movie web site, shows the gigantic carbon footprint left by Mr. Gore as he flies all over the world on private jets.

Who is funding these private jets? Will the stars at Mr. Gore's big summer global warming concert fly commercial to the event? Just how much is the elite Al Gore harming the environment? Will Mr. Gore ever lead by example? Tune in Sunday night for details.

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We Beat The National Media: Mystery Mosul Weapon

We posted this photo several days ago of a mystery weapon photographed in Iraq in 2005. This photo made the rounds through defense channels to us. We beat the national media by several days.
Does anyone know where this weapon was made and what it does?
Randy's World View; exceptional contacts, exceptional commentary.
Photo by Michael Yon

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Iron Lady, Margaret Thatcher, Statue Unveiled

Former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, affectionately known as the Iron Lady, is being immortalized with an 8 foot (2.44m) statue of her in the British House of Commons.

Rightly so and a long time coming.

Lady Thatcher was a leader of strong principles. Once committed to a cause like true leaders such as former U.S. president Reagan and current president Bush, Lady Thatcher followed through. She ignored polls and did what was right. Where would the world be if not for her, Ronald Reagan, Lech Walesa, and former Pope John Paul's vocal confrontation of the evils of communism?

Margaret Thatcher is a role model for any person who wants to lead unlike some who would be U.S. president. Lady Thatcher stood for something and that is refreshing in comparison to a Clinton.

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Beta Arabic Language Version Of Randy's World View

We are introducing a Beta Arabic version of our site for articles pertinent to muslims and arabs.*

We really want them to know just what we think of them until when, and if, muslims and arabs want to join the civilized world.

May the fleas of a thousand camels bite you on your butt and the soles of a thousand shoes rest on one koran.

*It is the policy of this site to never capitalize islam, muslim, or qu'ran (koran).

اننا ندخل بيتا نسخة النسخه العربية من الموقع للمواد ذات المسلمين والعرب نحن حقا * نريد منهم ان يعرفوا ما الذي نفكر بها حتى متى ، واذا ، المسلمون والعرب يريدون الانضمام الى العالم المتحضر. هل البراغيث من الف الجمال عضه لكم على جهودكم الهدف من النعال والاحذيه الف بقية فمن القرآن. * وليس من سياسة هذا الموقع على الاطلاق استغلال الاسلام والمسلمين والقرآن (القرآن).

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Attempted Hijacking Prevented By Passenger Resistance

LAS PALMAS, Spain (CNN) -- A man armed with two pistols hijacked an Air Mauritania flight Thursday but was subdued by two passengers, a Spanish official said.

The lesson learned is when and if someone tries to commit a terrorist attack, the worst thing to do is to passively sit by and do nothing. Quickly and violently attack the hijacker.

Good job, passengers on this flight.

LAS PALMAS, España (CNN) -- UN hombre armado con dos pistolas asaltó un vuelo Aéreo de Mauritania el jueves pero fue dominado por dos pasajeros, un funcionario español dijo.
La lección aprendida es cuando y si alguien trata de cometer un atentado terrorista, lo peor hacer deberá sentarse pasivamente por y no hacer nada. Ataque violentamente y rápidamente al secuestrador.
El trabajo bueno, los pasajeros en este vuelo.

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Utah Mall Shooting Home Video

Reports coming in, contrary to FBI and local police reports, are that the gunman was a muslim* immigrant targeting Serbian (Christian) people known to frequent the area. The gunman was reported to be an immigrant from the killing fields of the Bosnian War who had a violent juvenile history according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

If true that he purposely targeted Christians, this is not only a hate crime, but an act of domestic terrorism. Home video shot (no pun intended) inside the Trolley Square Mall in Utah comes from 2News.

Five people were left dead with four others wounded.

*It is the policy of this blog to never capitalize islam, muslim, or qu'ran (koran) until muslims decide to join the civilized world.

Los informes que entran, al contrario de FBI e informes locales de policía, son que el pistolero era un musulmán* inmigrante que concentra en a serbio (cristiano) personas conocidas frecuentar el área. El pistolero fue informado para ser un inmigrante de los campos de la matanza de la Guerra bosnia que tuvo una historia juvenil violenta según la Tribuna Salada de Lago.
Si verdadero que él concentró en deliberadamente a cristianos, esto es no sólo un crimen de odio, pero un acto de terrorismo doméstico. El disparo en casa video (no retruécano pensó) dentro de la Tranvía Paseo Cuadrado en Utah viene de 2 Noticias.
Cinco personas fueron dejadas muertas con cuatro otros heridos.
*Es la política de este blog de nunca capitalizar islam, el musulmán, ni qu'ran (Corán) hasta que musulmanes decidan unir el mundo civilizado.

التقارير الواردة على عكس مكتب التحقيقات الفيدرالى والشرطة المحلية تقارير هي أن القاتل كان مهاجر مسلم * استهداف الصربي (مسيحي) تعرف الناس الى ارتياد المنطقة. القاتل ذكر ان المهاجر من حقول القتل في الحرب البوسنية التي عنيفة تاريخ الحدث وفقا للسولت ليك المنبر. اذا صح انه يتعمد استهداف المسيحيين ، وهذا ليس جريمه كراهيه ، وانما هو عمل من اعمال الارهاب الداخلي. بيت الفيديو طلقة (لا يقصد التوريه) داخل عربة تسوق في مربع يأتي يوتا من 2news. غادر خمسة اشخاص بالرصاص مع اربعة اخرين بجراح. Http://؟id=23467 : كوتف.دايبورت.كوم * وليس من سياسة هذا الكحول ابدا الى الاستفادة من الاسلام والمسلمين ، أو القرآن (القرآن) حتى المسلمون قرر الانضمام الى العالم المتحضر.

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Al Gore's "All-Star" "All Idiot" Global Warming Concert

According to a Rueter's article, the failed and disgraced former Vice President of the United States, "Preacher" Al Gore, has announced an All-Star global concert for Global Warming.

The concert is scheduled for July 7th. Mark my words, it will be hot. They will use the heat as "evidence" of global warming. Al Gore truly is insane.

The left only needs to "do" something even if there are no results. Actions and intent are more important than results to leftists. Ignoring that the Farm Aid concerts didn't really help farmers and the Live Aid concerts didn't really help Africans, we shall focus on some of the global warming "facts" the media and Al Bore do not mention.

While much of the United States is shivering; some areas with record snow falls and some areas with record cold weather, it is pertinent to point out that Antarctica has an increase of ice on the continent. Estimates range from an 8% to 10% increase.

Thousands of climate scientists have went on record that they're not certain if there is global warming, that if there is global warming, they're not certain that it is man-made, and lastly, if there is global warming, there is no certainty man can fix it.

The left will continue to seek ways to divide us and to redistribute wealth. Karl Marx lives on and now the name is global warming, not communism.

Según un artículo de Rueter, el Vicepresidente fallado y deshonrado anterior de los Estados Unidos, sangre coagulada de Al de "Predicador", ha anunciado un concierto global todo estelar para Warming Global.
El concierto se planifica para el 7 de julio. Marque mis palabras, harán calor. Ellos utilizarán el calor como "evidencia" de warming global. La sangre coagulada de al es sinceramente loca.
La izquierda sólo se debe hacer algo incluso si no hay los resultados. Las acciones y la intención son más importantes que los resultados a izquierdistas. Ignorar que los conciertos de Ayuda de Granja no ayudaron realmente a granjeros y los conciertos Vivos de la Ayuda no ayudaron realmente a africanos, nosotros enfocaremos en la parte de los "hechos" globales de warming los medios y Al Aburren no menciona.
Mientras mucho de los Estados Unidos tirita; algunas áreas con caídas sin precedentes de nieve y algunas áreas con tiempo frío sin precedentes, son pertinente indicar que Antártida tiene un aumento de hielo en el continente. Las estimaciones recorren de un 8% a 10% de aumento.
Millares de científicos del clima han constado que ellos no son ciertos si hay warming global, eso si hay warming global, ellos no son ciertos que es artificial, y últimamente, si hay warming global, no hay hombre de certeza lo puede fijar.
La izquierda continuará buscar las maneras de dividirnos y para redistribuir la riqueza. Karl Marx vive en y ahora el nombre es warming global, no comunismo.

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Hillary Buys The Black Vote

The discredited Hillary Clinton's campaign reached a deal in the last several days to pay the "consulting" firm of South Carolina state Sen. Darrell Jackson who is a prominent and key black political leader

The reported bribe, errr, consulting fees are $10,000 a month each month through the 2008 elections. The total amount expected to be paid exceeds $200,000.

Barack Hussein Osama Obama's campaign had been in talks with Mr. Jackson's consulting firm but had reportedly only offered a bribe, errrr, consulting fee of $5,000 per month.

The cold, frosty, and calculating Clinton realizes Support from black voters is key in South Carolina, where 49 percent of the Democratic presidential primary vote came from blacks in 2004. The state will host the first Southern primaries for both the Democrats and the GOP in 2008, according to a story gained from campaign information and information from the press.

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President Bush's Troop Surge Plan: Preliminary Results Suggest Plan Is Working

Barely a week into the troop surge plan in Iraq and without all of the planned troops in place, preliminary reports from Iraq indicate the President's plan is working.

The coward head of JAM (Arabic acronym for the Mahdi Army), Muqtada al-Sadr fled to Iran. The head of Al-Queda in Iraq, Abu Ayyub al-Masri, who is actually a woman dressed as a man, ordered his terrorist followers to flee Baghdad in advance of Allied Forces. Further, he was nearly killed and is severely wounded following a clash with Iraqi forces on Thursday north of Baghdad.

Al-Masri's aide, Abu Abdullah al-Majemaai, was killed in this firefight.

The Iraqi forces are becoming a force to be reckoned with and it is irresponsible, dangerous, and immoral to withdraw from Iraq.

Meanwhile, back home in the United States, the Democrat Party "leadership" is managing America's defeat for political reasons in spite of these and other successes.

Apenas una semana en el plan de oleada de tropa en Iraq y sin todas las tropas planeadas en el lugar, los informes preliminares de Iraq indican el plan de Presidente trabaja.
La cabeza del cobarde de la MERMELADA (la sigla árabe para el Ejército de Mahdi), Muqtada más al-triste huido a Irán. La cabeza de Al-Queda en Iraq, al-Masri de Abu Ayyub, que es realmente una mujer vestida como un hombre, ordenó que sus seguidores terroristas huir Bagdad en el avance de Fuerzas Aliadas. Aún más, él casi fue matado y es herido severamente seguir un choque con fuerzas Iraquí el jueves al norte de Bagdad.
El ayudante de Al-Masri, al-Majemaai de Abu Abdullah, se mató en este tiroteo.
Las fuerzas Iraquí llegan a ser una fuerza para ser tenida en cuenta y es irresponsable, peligroso, e inmoral retirar de Iraq.
Mientras tanto, apoya en casa en los Estados Unidos, el "liderazgo" del Partido de demócrata maneja la derrota de América para razones políticas a pesar de estos y otros éxitos.

التقارير الاولية من العراق الى الرئيس لخطة العمل. الجبان رئيس جام (العربية اختصار لجيش المهدي ، مقتدي الصدر لجأوا الى ايران. رئيس حزب queda في العراق ، قال أبو أيوب المصري ، وهو في الواقع امرأة في زي رجل أمر له اتباع الارهابيين على الفرار من بغداد قبل قوات التحالف. كما انه كان على وشك الموت واصيبا بجروح بالغة اثر اشتباك مع القوات العراقية يوم الخميس شمال بغداد. النائب المصري مساعد لابو عبدالله ماجيماي ، قتل في تبادل اطلاق النار هذا. القوات العراقية أصبحت قوة يحسب لها الحساب ، ومن غير المسءوله والخطره واللااخلاقيه الى الانسحاب من العراق. والى ذلك البيت وفي الولايات المتحدة ، الحزب الديموقراطي "قيادة" ادارة هزيمة اميركا لاسباب سياسية وعلى الرغم من هذه النجاحات وغيرها.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Weekly Traitor To America: Democrat Party House Members

There were beliefs that Democrats were in two camps in regards to the war in Iraq: 1) They did not want America to win, or 2) They neither wanted America to win or lose but to drag the war out for political reasons.

Either option is reprehensible and in actuality, traitorous.

New proof of these Democrat Party tactics emerged this week as Democrats in the House aided by extreme anti-war groups are attempting to subvert the war effort. The sole purpose is to ensure that we do not win so as to gain political advantage.

Rep. John Murtha has joined with the jet-setting Nancy Pelosi to introduce riders onto bills that would severely limit the president's options as to troop deployments and rotations.

"What we have staked out is a campaign to stop the war without cutting off funding" for the troops, said Tom Mazzie of Americans Against Escalation of the War in Iraq. "We call it the 'readiness strategy.'"

Please see the attached link for more information.

I am so filled with disgust that I will withhold further comment on this matter until tomorrow.

Había las creencias que demócratas estuvieron en dos campos con respecto a la guerra en Iraq: 1) Ellos no quisieron que América ganara, ni 2) Ellos ni América querida ganar ni perder pero sacar la guerra para razones políticas.
Cualquier opción es reprensible y en la realidad, traidor.
Nueva prueba de estas tácticas del Partido de demócrata surgió esta semana como demócratas ayudaron en casa por grupos pacifistas extremos procuran subvertir el esfuerzo de la guerra. El único propósito es de asegurar que nosotros no ganemos para ganar la ventaja política.
Representante. John Murtha ha unido con el Nancy Pelosi del jet set para introducir a jinetes en cuentas que limitarían severamente las opciones de presidente en cuanto a despliegues de tropa y rotaciones.
"Lo que hemos marcado con estacas es una campaña de parar la guerra sin cortar la financiación" para las tropas, dijo Tom Mazzie de Americanos Contra la Escalada de la Guerra en Iraq. "Nosotros le llamamos la "estrategia de prontitud"."
Vea por favor la conexión conectada para más información.
Yo tan soy llenado de repugno que retendré el comentario adicional en este asunto hasta mañana.

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Media Wrong Again On Global Warming Subject

The U.S. media either gleefully or scornfully reported that climate scholars are offered $10,000 to debunk the claims of the alarmist global warming crowd.

This erroneous story was apparently first reported in the London Guardian. The headline was "Scientists Offer Cash to Dispute Climate Study." The allegation in the story was that the conservative-leaning think tank in Washington, D.C., the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), received money from ExxonMobil and then offered the $10,000 reward to debunk global warming.

Then, the British Independent ran with the same story followed later by the Washington Post, and

There are a few factual errors:

AEI does not lobby. AEI did not offer money to question global warming. Money for climate research did not come from ExxonMobil.

Seems in their rush to judgement, the media piled lie upon lie.

Who did seem to be behind all of these lies? It appears that Greenpeace, the extreme leftist organization first planted the story with the London Guardian.

Swallowing these lies without scepticism, U.S. Senators including the usual left-wing wackos, Leahy, Kerry, and Feinstein, sent a letter to AEI president Chris DeMuth complaining "should these reports be accurate," then "it would highlight the extent to which moneyed interests distort honest scientific and public policy discussions...Does your donors' self interest trump an honest discusson over the well-being of the planet?"

If Greenpeace was, indeed, behind the planting of this false story, a reasonable person may question when Greenpeace will receive a letter from the U.S. Senators asking if their self-interest trumps an honest discussion over the well-being of taxpayers.

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Muqtada al-Sadr Missing. Wanted: Dead Or Alive

Muqtada al-Sadr, dressed as the bearded woman he is, reportedly escaped to Iran.
Al-Sadr, wanted dead or alive (preferably, dead), is too cowardly to stand and fight the Allied Troops. Mahdi Army followers, do not forget that your leader is too afraid to stand and fight with you. Leaders lead their men. Cowards run away and leave you to die.

Have you seen Mookie?
Photo by AP

مقتدي الصدر يحمل في زي امرأة ، وقيل انه هرب الى ايران. الصدر ، مطلوب حيا او ميتا) الافضل امواتا ، هو أيضا موقف والجبان لمحاربة قوات التحالف. اتباع جيش المهدي ، لا تنسوا ان لكم الزعيم يخشون الوقوف معكم والقتال. القادة الرجال. جبناء اهرب وأترك لكم ان يموت. هل تعتبر موكي؟

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Tim Russert May Face Federal Felony Perjury Indictment

NBC newsman (loosely used term) may be called back to the witness stand in the Scooter Libby perjury trial. All evidence so far in the public domain clearly indicates that Mr. Libby is innocent.
Ominously, Mr. Russert has three different video clips that contradict his sworn testimony under oath at this trial.

Speculation is that Mr. Russert will be "frog-marched" out of the NBC studios on the arms of federal marshalls for a felony perjury indictment. That would happen in a just world.

Wouldn't that be a news scoop, Mr. Russert?

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John Edwards' Candidacy Is Doomed

The fundamental skill required of a president is the skills of managing a business or government. Executive skills. Skills that Senators overwhelmingly do no possess.

Hiring, mentoring, and retaining the right people for the right position is critical to the success of a chief executive. Hire the wrong person, and one ends up with a Sandy Berger last seen illegally stuffing national security documents down his pants to hide the incompetence of the Clinton so-called administration.

John Edwards hired two bloggers for his campaign. These staffers had, on their own personal web sites, made anti-Catholic statements that could also clearly be read as anti-Christian statements.

Some of their rants were rather vulgar and extremely angry. When publicly revealed, John Edwards attempted to defend the indefensible. Had these same staffers made anti-black statements or anti-Islamic rantings, they would have been fired.

These staffers finally yet defiantly had the good sense to resign from the Edwards campaign. In this fundamental test of the candidate's chief executive skills, Mr. Edwards showed he does not have the chief executive skills required of a president. The unfortunate result is he, along with Barack Hussein Osama Obama's doomed candidacy, have made it more likely that Hillary Clinton with be the Democrat Party's nominee.

Mr. Edwards, go back to your extreme mansion in the top half of your two Americas. You have failed again and now do not have the tired monotone John Kerry to blame. You can only blame yourself for your failure.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Liberal Worms Turn on Barack Hussein Osama Obama

According to the Drudgereport, Maureen Dowd of the New York Times filed the following non-flattering report against the failing Democrat candidate, Barack Hussein Osama Obama. Seems the worms are turning against their star in advance of Queen Hillary.


Tue Feb 13 2007 22:32:06 ETNY

TIMES edit queen Maureen Dowd unloads on Barack Obama in her Wednesday filing.

On the trail in Iowa, Dowd writes: "Obama's so slender his wedding band looked as if it was slipping off... there was a wariness in his dark eyes."

When a reporter asked him Obama whether he'd had a heater in his podium during his announcement speech in subzero Springfield, Obama hesitated.

Dowd slings: "He shot a look that said, 'Are you from PEOPLE magazine?' before conceding that, unlike Abe Lincoln, he'd had a heater."

Dowd describes Obama as a "tad testy" as he was "traipsing around desolate stretches of snowy -- and extremely white -- Iowa."

Obama had "moments of looking conflicted."

Dowd claims that no fewer than three times last week, Obama got indignant about the beach-babe attention given to a shot of him in the Hawaiian surf."

You've been reporting on how I look in a swimsuit," Obama lectured a reporter.

Dowd snaps: "He poses for the cover of MEN'S VOGUE and then gets huffy when people don't treat him as Hannah Arendt."


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Coward Al-Sadr Flees Iraq to Iran

Al-Sadr, the radical Shiite coward, has fled Iraq for Iran in advance of the American announcement that the Iraqi borders with Iran and Syria would be closed.

Al-Sadr would have his followers in the Madhi Army fight America "To the death." Yet, al-Sadr runs like a woman in a burqua at the first sign of trouble.

I still do not understand why al-Sadr was not killed or captured at least three years ago but he needs to find out that there are no virgins waiting for him.

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Political Nominations Discredit Grammy Awards and Nobel Prize Awards

According to a New York Times' story, the awarding of five Grammy Award's to the Dixie Chicks was a vindication of the Chick's anti-American political stance.

At least this is an admission that the award was for their big mouths rather than for the their music.

Al Gore was also nominated this year for a Grammy for some insignificant audio recording and for the Nobel Peace Prize. He and his president for eight years did less to advance peace and more to create war by their inaction against terrorism.

Jimmy Carter, Kofi Annan, and Yasser Arafat received the Nobel Peace Prize in past years.

These nominations and awards illustrate these awards committees and their audiences are so far to the left that Leon Trotsky would have called them extreme.

In high school and college, there are little social groups like the Grammy and Nobel committees' members similarly out of the mainstream who, no matter how goofy their ideas, support each other. Loyalty is commendable. Mainstream people thank you for openly revealing your leftist thoughts and discredting your organizations by your goofy award recipients.

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House Global Warming Hearing Canceled: Snow and Ice Storm

The timing for the socialists', recently elected to Congress, is unfortunate. Meanwhile, the most snow accumulation reportedly on record for New York is for this winter with another major snow storm due tonight. So much for so-called Global Warming.

From the



Tue Feb 13 2007 19:31:25 ET

The Subcommittee on Energy and Air Quality hearing scheduled for Wednesday, February 14, 2007, at 10:00 a.m. in room 2123 Rayburn House Office Building has been postponed due to inclement weather. The hearing is entitled “Climate Change: Are Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Human Activities Contributing to a Warming of the Planet?”

The hearing will be rescheduled to a date and time to be announced later.


Wednesday: Freezing rain in the morning...then a chance of snow in the afternoon. Ice accumulation of less than one quarter of an inch. Highs in the mid 30s. Northwest winds around 20 mph. Chance of precipitation 80 percent.

Wednesday Night: Partly cloudy. Lows around 18. Northwest winds around 20 mph.

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Bank of America Is Not American

Bank of America Corp., according to the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday, has begun offering credit cards to customers without Social Security numbers. Typically illegal immigrants, criminals, and terrorists may be expected to not use social security numbers.

The Journal said the new Bank of America card is open to people who lack both a Social Security number and a credit history, as long as they have held a checking account with the bank for three months without an overdraft.

In a FoxNews telecast, a Bank of America spokesman in a written statement said, the the effect, that all requirements of the U.S. Patriot Act in regards to a bank's customer verification are followed.

That is not the point. Allowing illegal immigrants, criminals, and terrorists to hide and shuffle their money is not following the spirit of the U.S. Patriot Act.

Although we are pro-capitalist here, that stops when capitalism acts contrary to the safety and security of America.

Bank of America, stop helping illegal immigrants, criminals, and terrorists.

El banco de América S.a., según el Wall Street Journal el martes, ha empezado tarjetas de crédito de ofrenda a clientes sin números del seguro social. Los inmigrantes típicamente ilegales, los criminales, y terroristas se pueden esperar no utilizar números del seguro social.
El Diario dijo que el nuevo Banco de tarjeta de América está abierto a personas que carecen un número del seguro social y una historia de crédito, tan largo como ellos ha tenido una cuenta corriente bancaria con el banco por tres meses sin un sobregiro.
En un programa de televisión de FoxNews, un Banco del portavoz de América en una declaración escrita dijo, el el efecto, que todos requisitos de los EE.UU. El Acto del patriota con respecto a una comprobación de cliente de banco se sigue.
Eso no es el punto. Permitiendo a inmigrantes ilegales, los criminales, y terroristas para esconder y barajar su dinero no sigue el espíritu de los EE.UU. Acto de patriota.
Aunque seamos en pro de-capitalistas aquí, que para cuándo actos de capitalismo al contrario de la seguridad de América.
El banco de América, para a inmigrantes, los criminales, y terroristas ilegales auxiliares.

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Another Example Of The Incompetent Barack Hussein Osama Obama

Mr. Obama stuck his foot in his mouth today for the second day in a row. In regards to the military personnel who have died in Iraq, he stated their lives had been "wasted."

Perhaps your life has been wasted, Mr. Obama. You are not qualified to clean out the latrines of any American military personnel. You are not qualified to be their commander-in-chief no matter how much the nice TV tells us how great you are.

Please, go home to Chicago. You may run faster without your foot in your mouth.

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Why Dictatorships Can't Be Trusted

Neville Chamberlin learned that Adolph Hitler could not be trusted. There was no "Peace in our time."

Similarly, naive modern day Chamberlins including Barack Obama believe we should sit down and talk with our enemies such as Iran, Syria, and North Korea. The first and third countires were rightfully designated by president Bush as parts of the "Axis of Evil."

Leftists yesterday trumpeted the "great" diplomatic breakthrough with North Korea. Seemingly, North Korea had agreed to close down and cap its main nuclear reactor and eventually dismantle its atomic weapons program in exchange for some aid and fuel oil.

North Korea's spin hours later was that the nuclear production was only "...a temporary suspension" of its nuclear program."

Talking to dictators only plays into their hands. Just like with terrorists, killing dictators or capturing them is the only diplomacy they understand and respect.

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Mystery Weapon in Iraq

This was from the as relayed from the Michael Yon's website (

Does anyone know what this weapon is and who produces it? Probably of Russian origin.

No Change in Studied Himalayan Glaciers in India

This from the Hindustan Times. Of fifty glaciers studied in India with "Nearly 200 years data has shown that nothing abnormal has occurred in any of these glaciers." In fact, Indian scientists state "Claims of global warming causing glacial melt in the Himalayas are based on wrong assumptions. "

The same may clearly be said of anyone claiming Global Warming, a risky socialist scheme funded by Greenpeace and other leftist organizations to redistribute wealth. Marxism.


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Monday, February 12, 2007

Lesson of History, "Never Again" ignored and forgotten

Following WWII and the Nazi atrocities, it was said that we (humanity) would learn the lessons of History. "Never again" would Jews be attacked and killed and never again would world governments allow a madman to arise in their midst and create havoc.

It seems the phrase "Never again" was forgotten.

Iranian president Ahmadenejad has promised to "...wipe Israel off of the map." He has further stated that the holocaust never happened. The world stands by while this nutcase continues stalling the naive. Stalling for time to complete his nuclear bombs and fulfill the prophesy of his extreme branch of the extreme Islam religion.

Iran will build nuclear weapons and there is nothing that can be done about it, according to an internal EU document mentioned in the attached Financial Times link.

As we already know through captured Iranian soldiers and spies in Iraq, president Ahmadenejad's public promises (Islamic nutcases and terrorists do not make threats, they make promises), and with forensic information obtained from exploded IED's in Iraq, Iraq is already at war with the United States.

The EU says there is nothing that can be done to stop Iran. This is the impotent EU that would talk to a madman. A madman, such as Ahmadenejad can only be killed or captured like Sadaam Hussein.

Thus, unless the Iranian people overthrow Ahmadenejad, war against Iran is the only solution. It is not a good solution but probably the only solution.

If we are to learn the lessons of History, Ahmadenejad must be stopped now when the costs in lives, money, and perhaps the livability of lands due to nuclear fallout is less than if we wait.

Israel has the right to exist. If we mindlessly chant slogans of "never again" without defense, then we are more foolish than those who stood by when Hitler rose to power. Neville Chamberlin was proved wrong. Now, we have many Neville Chamberlins in the Democrat Party. The Obama's, Clinton's, Gore's, Kerry's, and others are just as naive as Chamberlin but more dangerous due to modern armaments.

Stop Ahmadenejad now before it is truly too late.

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Czech President questions Al Gore's Sanity

Below is English translated text of Czech president Vaclav Klaus from

President of Czech Republic Calls Man-Made Global Warming a 'Myth' - Questions Gore's Sanity Mon Feb 12 2007 09:10:09 ET

Czech president Vaclav Klaus has criticized the UN panel on global warming, claiming that it was a political authority without any scientific basis.In an interview with "Hospodárské noviny", a Czech economics daily, Klaus answered a few questions:

Q: IPCC has released its report and you say that the global warming is a false myth. How did you get this idea, Mr President?

A: It's not my idea. Global warming is a false myth and every serious person and scientist says so. It is not fair to refer to the U.N. panel. IPCC is not a scientific institution: it's a political body, a sort of non-government organization of green flavor. It's neither a forum of neutral scientists nor a balanced group of scientists. These people are politicized scientists who arrive there with a one-sided opinion and a one-sided assignment. Also, it's an undignified slapstick that people don't wait for the full report in May 2007 but instead respond, in such a serious way, to the summary for policymakers where all the "but's" are scratched, removed, and replaced by oversimplified theses.

This is clearly such an incredible failure of so many people, from journalists to politicians. If the European Commission is instantly going to buy such a trick, we have another very good reason to think that the countries themselves, not the Commission, should be deciding about similar issues.

Q: How do you explain that there is no other comparably senior statesman in Europe who would advocate this viewpoint? No one else has such strong opinions...

A: My opinions about this issue simply are strong. Other top-level politicians do not express their global warming doubts because a whip of political correctness strangles their voice.

Q: But you're not a climate scientist (neither is Al Gore a climate scientist -ed). Do you have a sufficient knowledge and enough information?

A: Environmentalism as a metaphysical ideology and as a worldview has absolutely nothing to do with natural sciences or with the climate. Sadly, it has nothing to do with social sciences either. Still, it is becoming fashionable and this fact scares me. The second part of the sentence should be: we also have lots of reports, studies, and books of climatologists whose conclusions are diametrically opposite.

Indeed, I never measure the thickness of ice in Antarctica. I really don't know how to do it and don't plan to learn it. However, as a scientifically oriented person, I know how to read science reports about these questions, for example about ice in Antarctica. I don't have to be a climate scientist myself to read them. And inside the papers I have read, the conclusions we may see in the media simply don't appear. But let me promise you something: this topic troubles me which is why I started to write an article about it last Christmas. The article expanded and became a book. In a couple of months, it will be published. One chapter out of seven will organize my opinions about the climate change.

Environmentalism and green ideology is something very different from climate science. Various findings and screams of scientists are abused by this ideology.

Q: How do you explain that conservative media are skeptical while the left-wing media view the global warming as a done deal?

A: It is not quite exactly divided to the left-wingers and right-wingers. Nevertheless it's obvious that environmentalism is a new incarnation of modern leftism.

Q: If you look at all these things, even if you were right ...

A: ...I am right...

Q: Isn't there enough empirical evidence and facts we can see with our eyes that imply that Man is demolishing the planet and himself?

A: It's such a nonsense that I have probably not heard a bigger nonsense yet.

Q: Don't you believe that we're ruining our planet?

A: I will pretend that I haven't heard you. Perhaps only Mr Al Gore may be saying something along these lines: a sane person can't. I don't see any ruining of the planet, I have never seen it, and I don't think that a reasonable and serious person could say such a thing. Look: you represent the economic media so I expect a certain economical erudition from you. My book will answer these questions. For example, we know that there exists a huge correlation between the care we give to the environment on one side and the wealth and technological prowess on the other side. It's clear that the poorer the society is, the more brutally it behaves with respect to Nature, and vice versa.

It's also true that there exist social systems that are damaging Nature - by eliminating private ownership and similar things - much more than the freer societies. These tendencies become important in the long run. They unambiguously imply that today, on February 8th, 2007, Nature is protected uncomparably more than on February 8th ten years ago or fifty years ago or one hundred years ago.

That's why I ask: how can you pronounce the sentence you said? Perhaps if you're unconscious? Or did you mean it as a provocation only? And maybe I am just too naive and I allowed you to provoke me to give you all these answers, am I not? It is more likely that you actually believe what you say.

[English translation from Harvard Professor Lubos Motl]

Link to Hospodárské noviny here:

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Richard Branson's $25,000,000 prize offer

Billionaire British entrepreneur, Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Airlines among other companies, recently offered a $25 million reward for the best idea to curb global warming.

At least Mr. Branson did not require or ask a government (always funded by taxpayers) to fund his prize. He is putting up his own money.

I have a solution. How about grounding your airlines, Mr. Branson?

I await my prize check.

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John Edwards' "Two Americas"

Perhaps John Edwards' leftist rhetoric so gullibly believed by voters in 2004 was right. Perhaps there are "two Americas" consisting of the rich and the poor.

Mr. Edwards' new home in North Carolina sits on 102 acres. The main house has 10,400 sq. ft. The "recreation house" is connected to the main house and has 15,600 sq. ft. with a basketball court, squash court, two states, a bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms, and a swimming pool.

Good for him. As a capitalist, I harbor no jealousy towards those who succeed in America. Even slimy leftist trial lawyers.

But hypocrisy and leftist rhetoric is another thing. I know of which America Mr. Edwards belongs. May the voters also realize this at election time.

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Artic Ice Shelf Collapse and Antartica

In a report that apparently escaped the media, the Antartic Ice Shelf at the South Pole increased by about 8%. They must have been too busy lamenting the decrease of the Artic Ice Shelf that supports their global warming mantra.

Socialism and Global Warming

Temperatures from 1940 to 1975 went down while global levels of CO2 increased. The media towards the end of that period hysterically told us the world was undergoing global cooling.

The media and the scientists' predictions of that time were wrong. They are also now wrong in regards to so-called global warming.

The media and Al Bore would have us believe that global warming sceptics are crackpots and are in the minority. This is hardly the case. 19,000 (not a misprint) respected climatologists signed a declaration that rejects Gore’s accusation that the rise of greenhouse gasses is caused by mankind’s use of fossil fuels.

Incidentally, if Al Bore's figures in his movie are to believed, the period in which the greatest global warming occurred was during the eight years that he was VP of the United States.

Several scientific facts that probably no scientist disputes is that 95% of the so-called greenhouse gases are water vapor. The principal by-product of man's alleged global warming contribution is CO2. Carbon dioxide. Plants require carbon dioxide to live. Coupled with water and sunlight, plants produce O2 (oxygen) that all animals including humans require.

One could have a laugh creating a hysterical movement parodying the global warming crowd stating that the left wants to kill humans because they want to remove the CO2 that plants require to make the O2 that we need. But I digress.

In reality, the left and those from developing countries are slyly promoting socialism because they want to weaken capitalist countries.

Oh, they won't admit it, but the Kyoto Protocol requires a reduction in the so-called greenhouse gases by either a reduction in manufacturing from the "rich" countries like America or the exchange of energy credits.

There is no similar requirement from some of the worst polluters such as China.

China, by their own government's admission, says smog has placed about a third of their country under acid rain with 90% (not a misprint) of their water sources polluted or overused. Typically, communist governments gloss over troubles so the situation is likely worse.

Do leftists really want to drag us down to the level of China?

Yes, they do.

The other option for "rich" countries is to exchange energy credits. A transfer of wealth in both cases to the disadvantage of developed countries. Socialism.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Why Barack Hussein Osama Obama will never be president of the United States

The main duties of the president of the United States are to be the Commander in Chief of the military and to conduct diplomatic relations and negotiate treaties on behalf of the United States. Certainly, Mr. Obama is not a natural leader capable of the minimum skills necessary as a Commander in Chief, but Mr. Obama's recent comments also illustrate that he does not have the diplomatic skills, what some would say, tactful skills, required of the president.

One of America's strongest allies, not just in the war on terror, but an ally in general, is the country of Australia. The Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard, recently said, and rightly so, that terrorists are awaiting election of a democrat to the presidency. Specifically, of Mr. Obama's election.

Prime Minister Howard's quotes, "I think that (withdrawal) will just encourage those who want to completely destabilize and destroy Iraq, and create chaos and a victory for the terrorists to hang on and hope for an Obama victory," Howard said on Nine Network television.

"If I were running al-Qaida in Iraq, I would put a circle around March 2008 and be praying as many times as possible for a victory, not only for Obama but also for the Democrats."

Mr. Obama's response? "I think that it's flattering that one of George Bush's allies on the other side of the world started attacking me a day after I announced" my candidacy for president, Obama said during a news conference in Iowa, the first state to hold party caucuses.

Prime Minister Howard is not one of "George Bush's allies." Rather, Prime Minister Howard, and the country of Australia, are allies of the United States and they have been allies in war and in peace.

Mr. Obama and his few supporters may think his rhetoric is clever, but working with our allies as president requires a certain temperament that Mr. Obama illustrated he does not have.

Please, Mr. Obama, go back either to the madrassa in Indonesia or the New Black Panther Party church of which you are a member in Illinois.

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