Saturday, October 15, 2005

Who is more dumb? Nazi Party or the black rioters who helped them?

The American Nazi Party dirtbags held a rally in Toledo, OH to protest rampant (in their words) black crime. Black dirtbag gangs in the area illustrated the Nazi's point. They rioted, looted, vandalized homes and businesses, and committed arson. It's LA and New Orleans all over. Stop helping the Nazi Party!

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NBC sinks in staged news

NBC, along with others in the national media, last week made a fuss of military personnel being prepared for a Q&A with the president. The media called this a staged event.

Well, the 'staged event' was nothing more than planning which soldier would address which question from the president and which soldier would ask the president a question in what order. Everyone does this, to borrow a phrase championed by the left in the 90's.

Here we have a recent photo of an NBC blowhard sitting in a canoe while covering flooding in New Jersey. This was a great shot and brought to mind the flooding of New Orleans -- that is, until two men walked in front of the camera in shallow water.

Another example of how we are routinely lied to by the media. Who stages the news, NBC? Hmmm?

Manipulation of the news photo by NBC.

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Friday, October 14, 2005

Dezinformatsia, or dezinformatsia? Or, Allah is a joke.

The Ayman al-Zawahiri boring and tedious to read letter to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is a fake, according to a terrorist spokesman. It is possible it was faked as disinformation is a routine part of any intelligence organization. The soviets were masters of dezinformatsia.

I believe, however, the letter to be authentic. It is impossible for anyone but a terrorist with an arabic background to write such rubbish. May Allah the merciful remove the fleas from your camel type of writing. See how difficult it is to write rubbish like this?

No, the letter is authentic and everything the terrorists believe in is fake - including Allah.

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Could we be spending ourselves out of jobs?

The latest humorous production from JibJab...


Thursday, October 13, 2005

Weekly "Enemy of America"

For the second week in a row, the national media is our "Enemy of America."

The second in command of the losing Islamofascist group, Al-Queda, recently wrote a letter to the head of the terrorists in Iraq. This letter was intercepted by an intelligence agency and is available at in English and Arabic.

The principal of Al-Queda wrote that the war in Iraq, and the war against them, the terrorists, would be won not on the battlefield, but in the court of public opinion as manipulated by the media.

The national media and the sycophants of the left, aided by Ted Kennedy and his like, the gullible left-wing crowd, and worse, the Chuck Hagel's who should know better, are providing aid and comfort to the enemy by fostering false hope in the delusional minds of the terrorists. It is ok to criticize, but provide a solution to the war against terrorist. Anything less, and you are an "Enemy of America."

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Islamofascists murder more innocents

Islamic murderers today attacked government buildings and police stations in Nalchik, Russia. The city of Nalchik, is about 60 miles from the city of Beslan where cowardly Islamists murdered hundreds of children last year at the Beslan school massacre.

It appears that the adverse publicity surrounding their reprehensible attack on innocent children at Beslan resulted in today's coordinated attack on government offices and police stations. These buildings are traditionally considered valid targets for military attack. But, let no one confuse these Islamofascists of being soldiers. They are nothing but the lowest of criminals in the same league as child molesters.

So much for the 'peaceful' religion of Islam. That is a farce. There are peaceful Muslims in spite of the violence against 'non-believers' adovocated in the Koran. But until all of the Muslims who think like a terrorist are killed or captured, no citizen of the world who desires peace is safe.

Our prayers are again with the people of Russia.,2933,172088,00.html

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Seig Heil, New Orleans 'Police' and two federatsi

I believe the terms "SS" and "Nazi" are too often thrown around so as to reduce the reprehensible meanings of these words. Thus, I do not use any associated terms lightly.

The recent actions of the three NO police members who viciously attacked an unarmed sixty-four year old black male, and the two federal agents who assisted this assault, supported by the fat white cop who assaulted a producer for the Associated Press, are reminiscent of the SS.

The elderly black male is reportedly a retired school teacher. After the attack, the NO police department stated that the man was arrested for public drunkenness. As of this writing, the attorney for this man states that the man had not been drinking at all.

The tape clearly shows: the man is not mouthing off to the police even though this would not be justification for the assault. The man is not resisting arrest. A mounted police officer is attempting to tamper with evidence by using his horse to block the cameraman's view. One cop hits the man several times in the head with a closed fist. A fat white cop who later self identified himself as "S.M. Smith" badge number "1792," assaults without provocation, a producer for the associated press. The AP producer clearly holds up his credentials while the fat cop orders him to tell the cameraman to turn off the camera.

The outcome to date? Three of the NO officers were suspended. No word of the federatsi.

All LEO's involved should be terminated and prosecuted for felony assault. Further, all associated officers of their agencies should be taught how to safely take down a person so that no harm comes to the arresting officer or to the offender. The LEO's attacking the elderly black man clearly did not have a clue. The associated agencies should also have a refresher course in constitutional law.

For the record, I do know LEO's at local, state, and federal levels and beyond and the overwhelming number of men and women in law enforcement are good people. I support these good LEO's.

However, in regards to these 'things' who attacked this man, I do hope some good citizens recognize them in public and educate them. Enough said.

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As long as we have our priorities straight, right slick?

Here is the link to the full text story from in regards to disgraced former president Clinton.

It seems Clinton was more concerned with the Monica Lewinsky lawsuit rather than the Khobar Tower bombing. Clinton was so moved, he was close to tears. Glad we understand what was important to you, slick, as you neglected your duties of protecting Americans. Worse, you let the deaths of America's finest - men and women of the military - go unchallenged.

We are paying for your neglect starting with the 9/11 attack.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Police commit a hate crime?

Normally, I think the so-called hate crime laws are a bunch of politically correct (corrupt) malarkey. It is disturbing to view the videotape mentioned in the attached CNN article. New Orleans 'police,' arrested and beat a 64 year old man. This man happens to be black and the arresting officers are white. The man's offense? Public intoxication. I never realized I broke the law so many times as a tourist in New Orleans.

Another white officer bent a producer back over a car and simply assaulted the producer. The producer's cameraman filmed the producer's assault and the 'drunk' man's assault.

There is an old principal - we are all in this together. Cops beating an old black man will one day beat a young white man. These so-called cops were later arrested and charged with simple battery. Instead, they need to be charged with a hate crime. Rights for one are rights for all.

God cares little for the day-to-day affairs of man

Twisting religion for their own political beliefs, liberals stated that God must be angry with the U.S. because He used Hurrican Katrina to destroy New Orleans. To be fair, some extremely religious persons also stated the same belief.

Using that irrational logic, God must be very upset with south east Asians and with the country of Pakistan. South East Asia had the Tsunami and the latest terrorist bombings while Pakistan just had at least 18,000 people killed in an earthquake. God really does not interfere in the day-to-day actions of humans so please cease using religion for political purposes or bad karma will come back to you.

What kind of a world do we live in?

Liberals are defending President Bush's Supreme Court nominee, Harriett Miers. Conservatives are uneasy in regards to her nomination. It's difficult to determine just where her views are in regards to her potential judicial ruling.

What we say for now is to trust President Bush until there is a reason not to trust him. He is a man who does what he says - and this drives liberals nuts. He is also a man who consistently out-manuevers and out-smarts liberals. So much for his supposed intellectual deficiences. He has proven himself as smarter than his Democratic competitors not only in graduate and under graduate grades, but also in defeating them in campaigns and appointments.

It is right to be sceptical as we do not want another Souter, but for now, support the President's nomination.

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