Thursday, February 08, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith has died

Anna Nicole Smith died yesterday at the age of 39. Paramedics attempted to resuscitate Miss Smith and were reportedly vigorously pumping her chest.

I bet they were.

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"Astronut", "Lust in Space" or, "Desperate Spacewife?"

Some of my favorite recent titles. Someone is going to make a lot of money of the Nowak story on Lifetime. There is not much I can add without either cracking up or shaking my head at the sadness of it all.

No word on whether Depends offered any product endorsement deals.

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Pelosi's Plush Pricey Plane or, Murtha's Menacing Message

Speaker of the House Pelosi has sought from the Air Force a plane to use for official business. The Air Force has, since September 11th, provided an aircraft for the Speaker of the House. The Speaker follows the Vice-President in line of succession to the President.

There is little question the Speaker of the House should have such a plane. The problem is, Speaker Pelosi reportedly demanded a 757!

The 757 has 42 seats alone for business class. With a crew of sixteen, it would cost $300,000 per trip to Pelosi's district or $600,000 round-trip. The round-trip costs to and from Washington DC if taken weekly as is common would cost taxpayers about $30,000,000 per year.

Dennis Hastert, the prior Speaker of the House, was furnished and accepted a Gulfstream.

The Democrats' mantra pre-election was that they were going to clean-up Washington. It seems they really are cleaning up because in addition to Pelosi's demands, Rep. John Murtha who has had significant ethics troubles of his own in the past, ominously released a statement reminding the Air Force who is in charge of the Air Force's budget.

Tony Soprano couldn't do better than this crowd.

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Hillary, the woman dressed as a man

Donatella Versace, the fashion guru, reportedly publicly stated that Hillary Clinton should wear less pantsuits and more skirts and dresses so as to "...treat femininity as an opportunity and not try to emulate masculinity in politics."

Mrs. Versace misses several points. There is an old saying, "Cowboys like fat calves but that (Clinton's calves) are ridiculous. Her thighs actually merge into her calves.

The other missed point is Hillary's masculinity is not illustrated by her dress but by her icy personality. That would be attractive in a serious female candidate for president. Mrs. Clinton is not a serious candidate because a president should be a leader. She has opportunistically switched sides (as well as sexual preferences) when the polls suited. At all times, she has either overtly displayed a leftist agenda or covertly pushed a leftist agenda.

These character flaws are not attractive in Mrs. Clinton. Her clothing is the least of her worries.

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Tim Russert: liar or a faulty memory like the rest of us?

In cross-examination today by Scooter Libby' s lawyers, Mr. Russert had to explain some inconsistencies in his prior statements, both in the affidavit to federal investigators and his on-air comments. Mr. Russert reportedly appeared uncomfortable at times.

Mr. Russert, do you know that it is a criminal offense (felony) to either lie to federal investigators or to lie to under oath? Perhaps Mr. Russert will be a future defendant if the "standards" of Mr. Fitzgerald are used fairly in persecutions, I mean, prosecutions.

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"They Lied" national ad paid by Stalinist organization

The anti-war crowd in America claims that dissent is patriotic. That is true. Americans are guaranteed the freedoms of speech, press, and assembly among others promised by the Bill of Rights. With this freedom should be the responsibility to understand the consequences of one’s actions and the motives of the promoters of the anti-war protests.

Many newspapers in the last several weeks of September, 2005 carried a two-page ad paid for by ANSWER. These ads had “They Lied” with President Bush, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld, and others on one page. The other page of the ad listed the names of US military personnel killed to date in the war on terror. Although “They” did not lie, for everyone from Bill Clinton to Kofi Annan believed Iraq had weapons of mass destruction prior to our invasion of Iraq, ANSWER does have the right to promote their dezinformatsia.

ANSWER is a front for the Stalinist Workers World Party. Yes, an organization that promotes communism is the instigator in the anti-war protests. Many Americans are not aware of this as they were not aware the anti-war protests in the 60’s were largely financed by the Soviet Union. There are many reputable sources of proof for this statement of fact.

Useful idiots is a term that Lenin, the first leader of the Soviet Union used many years ago in reference to union workers and others who helped him rise and sustain power. This term currently comes to mind in regards to the anti-war protestors on Monday at the White House and around the nation. These protestors held signs reading “Victory to the Insurgents” and similar slogans. What this says is the protestors are NOT anti-war; they are pro-war -- against the United States of America.

Protestors need to recognize the consequences of their actions and who they are really helping. They are not helping us end the war sooner for lasting peace. Rather, the anti-war protestors are encouraging the terrorists, those who harbor terrorists, and those who are anti-America, anti-West, anti-freedom, and anti-capitalist. Stop helping ANSWER and those who wish the destruction of the United States. Stop being a useful idiot.

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Back online and posting here

After a hiatus for life (work interrupts a lot in life), I am back online and posting here at my original domain.

Stay tuned here for the hottest and most controversial commentary on the net.

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Hillary in Iowa (lies, distortions, and cold weather)

Where to begin? We've all heard about Hillary's gaffe in Iowa where a reporter asked her (in the context of dealing with evil regimes) her experience in dealing with evil men. Her reply was, "What in my background equips me to deal with evil and bad men?" She tried later to explain that she was alluding to Ken Starr even though we all know she meant her husband, Bill der Slickmeister. See the NY Post link.

What the media failed to hone in on with a few exceptions was that she said she supported the ethanol industry (ethanol comes from corn and corn is big in Iowa) and that she was in favor of government ethanol subsidies. The problem is, she voted 17 times in the Senate against ethanol subsidies and she never voted for ethanol subsidies.

The other item the media missed completely is her affect on the weather. The exception was the local Des Moines Register by their headline in an inside page of, "Hillary reveals personality in Iowa." No wonder the weather that day was cold, frosty, and icy.

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Defeat Hillary or defeat terrorists

Lieberals (new spelling of liberals) are doing their best to ensure the destruction of America; by helping the terrorists in their jihad against freedom and America, and by helping Hillary get elected as president. There is nothing more important to the future of America, for the children no less, than to defeat the terrorists and to defeat Hillary.

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Punxsutawney Phil and Al Gore

Today, Friday February 2nd, 2007 is Groundhog Day in the United States. This is the day that Punxsutawney Phil, a groundhog, predicts the coming spring weather. If he sees his shadow, that means there is more winter coming. If he does not see his shadow as he reportedly did not today, that means spring is near.

No doubt Phil's viewing of his shadow and the expected early spring will be used as "proof" of global warming by Al Gore and his sideshow crowd.

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Hillary proves she is a communist

Hillary the communist revealed her true self in a speech shown recently on C-Span. She said, "The Democrats know what needs to be done again (sic) we're working to push this agenda forward. The other day the oil companies reported the highest profits in the History of the world. I wanna take those profits and I want to put those profits in a strategic energy fund that will begin to fund alternative smart energy. Alternative and (sic) technology that will begin to actually move us towards energy independence."

Hugo Chavez was rightfully denounced (although the Democrat Party was silent) for nationalizing the oil companies in Venezuela. "Taking" profits, funds, or money from a company and redistributing these monies is socialism, at best, and communism at worst.

Hillary and company seem to be doing their best to help terrorists. If the terrorists win in Iraq, they will control a large source of oil and so oil profits will substantially reduce for legitimate companies. Thus, Hillary will not have funds to "take."

What is "smart energy?" Answer: smart energy, along with any word with the word, "smart" preceding the word is a deliberately vague term that a politician will use to fool non-smart people. Believe anything with "smart" in it as used by a politician at your own peril (and pocketbook).

Do we really want a politician to "take" any company's profits? Profits are re-invested in the company for growth and / or sent to shareholders in the form of dividends and / or increased share prices as a reward for their risks in buying the stock. Taking profits from a successful company is all risk and since there is no reward for the shareholder or the company, the taking of profits is bad for business and bad for an economy.

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Senator Chuck Hagel; Traitor to his party and to his country

One final comment for the day on Hillary. The only person that would cause me to vote for Hillary (unless I just stay home) for President on election day would be if Senator Chuck Hagel of Nebraska were her opposition. It is unlikely that Senator Hagel will survive the primary as he has so infuriated the American base. His attempt to coddle the left who laud him now when he is opposing the president (and helping the terrorists) will backfire as the left and the media will not support him in opposition to any Democrat candidate.

It is difficult to write this about someone who earned a Purple Heart in Vietnam but a Purple Heart does not provide either expertise (ala John Kerry) to criticize the president or the right to undermine America and the war effort. May you suffer the worst election loss in History, Mr. Traitor

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Exxon (and Shell) post record profits

Demagogues, socialists, communists, and scummy politicians are criticizing the profits achieved by Exxon and other "big oil" companies. Congratulations oil companies. In spite of weather risks, capital risks, drilling risks, political risks, geography risks, and risks too numerous to mention, you have gained profits so that you can reward shareholders (wish I were one) who took a risk in buying your stock. You can re-invest in capital equipment, make needed repairs, and search for new sources of oil and methods of extracting oil.

Those politicians who will play on the ignorance or greed of voters, I ask; if you should now take the profits of "big oil" companies, would you also return money to the "big oil" companies when they have the inevitable troubled times as befalls any company? I thought not.

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Tokyo Rose, traitors, and the Democrat Party

There were several recent articles on the Internet in regards to Tokyo Rose of Japanese WWII infamy regarding the main points of her broadcasts. Tokyo Rose made psy-ops (psychological operations) radio broadcasts to demoralize American military personnel. Two of the three items mentioned on the Internet were the actual themes of her broadcasts.

What the Japanese found was that they could achieve some level of success in demoralizing troops by focusing on three main concepts in these broadcasts. These three main topics were: 1) the president is lying, 2) the big corporations are profiting from the war, and 3) you are not winning.

The lieberals’ mantra of "Bush lied," “Halliburton (or insert name of any company supporting the war effort) is profiting by the war, and "we are not winning and can't win" also mimics Tokyo Rose's broadcast theme. These irresponsible, misguided, and naive comments not only demoralize our troops, but also give aid and comfort to our enemies. These comments give our enemies hope to hold on until some American politicians and media can win the war for the terrorists. These comments provide the catalyst for new attacks.

Worse, there are some Republicans angling for a presidential run who are publicly stating these untruthful comments.

All of this illustrates that what is old is new and some will stop at nothing to help terrorists win the war on terror solely for their political gain.

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Iran and minimum wage

There is some good news for the citizens of Iran and for peaceful citizens of other countries for Iran’s president; Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is in political trouble. He succeeded in enacting an increase in Iran’s minimum wage. This minimum wage increase in turn, as it did in France and other countries, inevitably led to layoffs of the people the law was supposed to help.

Many people and politicians possess little grasp of the basics of economics. Yet, by studying the mistakes of other countries, they may let capitalism dictate supply and demand of wages. Capitalism may not be perfect, but capitalism is the best economic system invented.

Perhaps it is too much to ask for some politicians in the U.S. to learn from other countries’ mistakes and for the economic poor to cease being taken advantage of by politicians who harm them by “helping” them.

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islam; religion of death and destruction.

islam, the religion of peace? I hardly think. The crimes and acts of war committed by muslims hardly receive news coverage any longer as the media and some politicians attempt to discredit the war effort by lying to people that islam is a religion of peace.

Before September 11, 2001, there were many attacks against America and other nations going back decades. Since September 11, 2001, there have been more than SEVEN THOUSAND terror attacks committed by muslims, according to the web site,

I do not doubt these figures.These terror attacks include beheadings of Buddhists and Hindus.

When was the last time that anyone heard of a Buddhist or Hindu killing people? This disputes the myth that somehow America or Christianity is to blame for muslim outrage. No, killing infidels (infidels are non-muslims) is a requirement of islam. (By the way, I never capitalize muslims, koran, or islam.)

Recognizing what we are dealing with is key to defeating islam. In the meantime, for those who would kill me in the name of their religion, I rest my dirty shoes on my copy of the koran.

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Check it out. I am not affiliated with this web site but like it a lot. This is what we (non-crazy people) are facing. Ruthless, insane, religious zealots.

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Iranian nuclear scientist ‘assassinated by Mossad’

Gotta love the Israelis. While we in America are worried about what our enemies and the world may think of us, Israel apparently eliminated one of the scientists instrumental to Iran's nuclear program. Nothing brings focus or clarity to defense efforts like a threat from a madman to annihilate a country as Iranian president Ahmadinejad's threat to eliminate Israel.

Good luck to Israel in all of her efforts in self-defense.,,2089-2583167,00.html

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Global warming is a farce

There are some socialist politicians and their media sycophants who attempt to hobble the United States' productivity by ceaselessly trumpeting the effects of so-called global warming.

There are many scientists who believe there is no global warming. There are others who are not sure whether or not global warming exists but if there is global warming they are not certain that it is caused by man's activities. Yet, we are all to blindly and hysterically sign the Kyoto Treaty and cripple our economic production while China, India, and Russia are exempted from this treaty.

Some scientists believe, and this belief is gaining ground because of the over-whelming evidence, that the Earth undergoes natural cycles of heating and cooling relatively unaffected by man's activities. Although there have been some recent years of higher temperatures, overall, the planet heated up mostly up until 1940 after which, as a whole, the global temperature has cooled. No one would know this from the media (except during the 1970's when we were supposed to be undergoing global cooling).

Incidentally, the recent years of higher Earth temperatures parallel higher temperatures on Mars. Scientists do believe with some certainty that there are no factories or SUVS on Mars. What has occurred during this time is an increase in solar activity.

In any event, as the attached link reveals in an article, even the UN does not agree in regards to global warming in spite of the cherry picked propaganda regurgitated without question by the media. Trained as a scientist, I am sceptical by nature, especially when those who are receiving large grants are the most vocal in regards to global warming. Follow the money, always.

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Paying a "fair share" of taxes and prosperity

One of the more common slogans arising from Marxism was, and still is, unfortunately, "The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer." A self-defeating statement and certainly wrong in the current America.

Everyone as a group who upgrades their job skills and/or education can and still does succeed as a group in America. There are isolated poor people who never succeed. That is most often due to laziness, temperament, lack of current skills or similar reasons. Likewise, there are rich people who lose their businesses and homes for many other reasons.

As a whole, though, everyone in a socio-economic category is improving their lifestyles in the United States.

Congress’ Joint Economic Committee recently disclosed that the so-called rich, the top half of income earners in America pay 97 percent of the United States' income taxes. What one may call the "super-rich," those making more than 95% of other Americans pay 54% of all income taxes.

Marxism advocates an income tax so as to help make everyone equal. In spite of a punitive assessment of prosperity and success, the rich are still getting richer and yes, the poor are getting richer in America not solely because they don't pay their "fair share" of income taxes.

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Winning the war against terrorists

In this article, I will make an exception to my long-standing policy of not capitalizing Muslim, Islam, or the Qu-ran in the hopes that there are still decent Muslims out there who will fight the terrorists.

Winning the war against terrorists requires a continued assault both militarily, diplomatically, and economically against terrorists and countries that either sponsor terrorists or look the other way at terrorist activities.

There is yet another way to defeat terrorists to have the best chance of success. This war has lasted for at least thirty years but only recognized (and only by some that we are at war) in America on September 11, 2001. This war will probably last another thirty years before the end. Non-radical Muslims must speak up to defeat those in their midst who take the violent portions of the Qur'an and twist the words for their violent goals.

To be sure, here in the United States and in other countries, there are Muslims working against the terrorists in their midst at a legitimate and probable risk of their own deaths and the deaths of their families. Terrorists have been killing Arabic, Afghan, Pushtun, and other translators and contractors not only as a matter of policy, but because the Qur’an calls for the death penalty for helping infidels.

So far, the silence from the Muslim community is deafening. This silence only encourages the terrorists much as the media and some in a political party encourage the terrorists by their words and actions.

There are many more good Muslims than bad Muslims. Paraphrasing a cliché, the way for evil to triumph is for good Muslims to remain silent against the extremists. It is time for Muslims across the world to stand up against the terrorists who have hijacked your religion.

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Dude: Who Moved My 72 Virgins?

Warning: This is a graphic video and serves as a warning to those stupid enough to attack the American military.

See Hadji dance around the campfire. See Hadji plan. See Hadji's plans go awry, and more!

Everyone believes hadji has no brains, but the most stunning aspect of this video shows brain material. Guess they didn't use their brains.

Allah said he's sorry, but he didn't say the 72 Virgins were girls.

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Statues: The Evil Empire and the Axis of Evil

A statue of Ronald Reagan is being erected in Prague 6, Czech Republic, as a symbol of his part in the victory over communism. The Mayor of Prague 6, Tomas Chalupa, made erecting a statue of Ronald Reagan a centerpiece of his campaign for mayor as a member of the Civic Democratic Party (ODS).

This statue will join a similar statue in Poland of President Reagan. Those under the boot of decades of communism recognize the significant contribution President Reagan made in the downfall of communism.

At the time of his presidency, leftists made fun of his "simple-minded" goals of a strategic space shield mocked as "Star Wars." There is little left, now, about which to laugh. We have hit and destroyed moving missiles with lasers (as well as other rockets). China recently destroyed one of their own satellites with a moving missile.

Ronald Reagan was right about "Star Wars."Ronald Reagan was also correct in calling the Soviet Union an evil empire. This author did visit the former Soviet Union and can attest, even in the late 80's, to the fear that the Soviet people had in speaking to those of us from the west. The Soviets killed, starved, dominated, and enslaved tens of millions of people. They were an evil empire, and yet, leftists either made fun of President Reagan, made apologies for the Soviets, or called him a "war-monger."

Just has President Reagan was proven right by History, so will President Bush.

Like President Lincoln, President Bush faces a now unpopular war. Several years ago, the president called Iran, Iraq, and North Korea, the "Axis of Evil." Leftists again brought out their tired and discredited comments and called the president naive or a war-monger.

Yet, History has proven the president correct. Sure, there have been mistakes in the conduct of the war. There are mistakes in everything that every human does and war introduces many opportunities for error. The enemy almost never does what a general desires.

But, overall, the president is right in his fundamental belief that we are facing an evil menace and we must defeat this menace.

Like Lincoln and Reagan, President Bush is a leader who does what is right. Weak men follow polls. Leaders, such as President Bush, have statues erected of them by a grateful populace. Someday, there will be statues of President Bush in the middle east erected by a grateful populace after History proves him right.

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There is no Iraq 'Last Chance' unless we quit

Some in the media and some politicians are referring to president Bush’s troop surge plan as a ‘last chance’ to succeed in Iraq. There are two immediate courses that come to mind for the term ‘last chance.’ Either the war will be defunded by Congress or if the troop surge does not work, then all is lost and we bring the troops home.

Congress has two constitutional powers in regards to war: to declare war and to fund a war. We know the congress declared war using the same intelligence information that the president used. They voted to give the president the authority to conduct the war. That is his constitutional duty as Commander in Chief.

Congress may also vote to withhold funding for the war in Iraq as was done in Vietnam. Just like Vietnam, America’s credibility will be destroyed as allies and those who would work with us and for us will, in the future, not trust us. Also as in Vietnam, there will be numerous retribution killings of those who helped us in Iraq. If the war is ended prematurely due to a vote to withhold funds, when these inevitable killings in Iraq occur, many politicians who have the vote of blood on their hands will have to explain their naïve votes.

The Vietnam War was a war by proxy of America vs. the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union was not going to attack us on our shores no matter the outcome of the war.

In this war, there are many nations led by the United States working overtly and covertly on many fronts against terrorists. These terrorists come from many countries and have allegiance only to their perverse form of religion. Unlike in Vietnam, our enemy will follow us to America and attack us here if we withdraw prematurely from Iraq.

Withholding funds for the war in Iraq, thus, is not a viable option.There is no last chance until we quit.

If the troop surge does not work, we try something else. Failure cannot be allowed for similar reasons to what will occur if the war is defunded: massive retribution killings, loss of our credibility, and more terrorist attacks on US soil.

We did not start the war against terrorists, but we will, and must win this war against terror.
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Chicken Little and global warming

The sky is falling. It truly is.

Jimmy Carter stated with near certainty in the late 70’s that we would run out of oil by the end of the century. The Federal Energy Administration then predicted based on models that the world would run out of oil and our country would run out of natural gas by the year 2000. We still have, conservatively, over a century’s worth of oil remaining.

Speaking of the year 2000, what happened to the predicted Y2K collapse?

Also during the 1970’s, the world faced a global catastrophe from Global Cooling that never quite panned out.

Who can forget 2006, the year that was supposed to be the worst year ever for hurricanes?

In the meantime, we’ve dealt with killer bees, child molesters at every bus stop, Internet dating gone astray, and anything else the media can use to scare us into buying their printed materials or watching mind- numbing programs with advertisements telling us what to buy to make us happy. Further, the Malthusian people still believe that we will soon run out of food to feed the world. As in Jimmy Carter’s case, there are willing political sycophants to assist in terrifying us.

Now, we are supposed to be excited about global warming. The UN’s recent report was cherry picked for information supporting the global warming crowd. In fact, this report actually backed off of many prior claims and predictions of extremes. We have less ice melting, etc., than was predicted even several years ago. We are talking inches of new shoreline in the future, and certainly not twenty feet as Al Gore would have us believe.

The UN Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change had a summary graph of temperature changes for the past millennium. The millennium began with temperatures about the same as they are now. The Little Ice Age began about 1400. We are now in the recovery period of this natural cycle.

Several recent years showed spikes in global temperature that paralleled temperature increases on Mars attributed to solar activity. As much as I would like to blame SUV owners for temperature increases, NASA has not yet found SUVS on Mars.There is an extreme amount of reputable, credible, and mainstream contrarian information to successfully contest the global warming crowd. Much of this is not heard because those who hold these views are shouted down, or threatened with the withholding of research funds or jobs.What will the media have us needlessly “worry” about in the coming years once global warming chills out?

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