Saturday, March 17, 2007

Set-ups, Trial Lawyers, and imams

In an example of anyone can be sued by anyone for any reason, the terrorist-acting imams* asked to leave a Minneapolis outbound flight last year are now suing passengers for reporting their suspicious behaviors.

The airline was previously named as a defendant in the suit.

The trial lawyers (John Edwards is a trial lawyer) involved are aiding and abetting terrorism. Some believe the imams were setting this up from the beginning so as to sue and gain monetary rewards.

Yes, they did set this up (go ahead, sue me) so as to later file a lawsuit, but their real reasons were more sinister.

You see, their suit against the airline, and now the passengers creates a climate of fear. No, not a fear of being blown out of the sky but a fear of being sued.

Airlines and passengers in the future will be less likely to report strange behaviour the next time a muslim does something suspicious for fear of being sued.

This is what the imams wanted from the start; to make people afraid to report information and make airlines hesitant to take necessary actions.

Trial lawyers are aiding and abetting the next terrorist attack.

Go ahead, sue me. Dirtbags.

*It is the policy of this blog to not capitalize anything associated with the dirty, primitive, and false religion of the great satan, islam. May my shoes that walked in a pig pen remain on my copy of the koran.

* وليس من سياسة هذا الكحول لا تستفيد شيئا المرتبطه قذره بداءيه ، والباطله دين الشيطان الاكبر ، الا وهو الاسلام. هل يود ان مشى في حذاء خنزير القلم يظل بلدي على نسخة من القرآن.

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Waterboarding Works!

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (AKA, the evil fat man in the spiffy night shirt) confessed to many terrorist actions including the beheading of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.

Confessions brought courtesy of the welcoming staff at Club Gitmo where the "door is always open" for terrorists.

Hope you enjoyed your stay misguided fat man. Say hello to allah*, the Great Satan, when you meet him.

*It is the long standing policy of this blog to not capitalize anything associated with the false religion of islam created by the Great Satan mohammed, the primitive original terrorist.

نقول مرحبا الله والشيطان الاكبر ، عندما يلتقي به.

* اوجدها الشيطان الاكبر محمد البدائي الارهابي.فهي طويلة الامد من هذا الكحول لا تستفيد شيئا المرتبطه كاذبة دين الاسلام

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Republican's Spineless

Incomprehensible is Republicans understand that we are at war and understand what kind of an enemy we are facing. We know we must attack terrorists on many different fronts including militarily, diplomatically with other nations, and financially for our terrorist enemies are relentless.

So too, are the internal enemies of America who are similarly relentless in their attacks. Democrats.

Republicans can support killing and capturing terrorists because we understand the enemy we face but yet Republicans do not see the internal enemy before them. How can this be? How can so called Senator Schumer create a scandal out of nothing and Republicans try to get along?

Senator Schumer, aided by the national media, made it appear as if the president and his staff did something wrong by firing eight federal prosecutors. This ability is a constitutional allowance. In fact, the Clinton so called administration fired 93 of 94 federal prosecutors in 1993.

Perhaps Republicans were afraid to get between Senator Schumer and a television camera.

I suggest, that if soldiers and Marines can daily face enemy attacks, Republicans can find the backbones to stand up to the lies, distortions, and half-truths.

Republicans can't wait for the left to disintegrate. We must attack and defend.

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Queen Bee Vs. Queen Bee

Hillary says essentially that if she is elected president, she will maintain a military presence in Iraq and confront Iran if Iran tries to interfere.

She virtually says she will do what president Bush is doing.

Another argument for more than two presidential terms so President Bush can continue the mission.

Madame Pelosi says we should withdraw from Iraq.

With only two of the planned five brigades in Iraq, the president's plan is working and Hillary can see this. This is why Hillary is willing to further alienate the left so as to gain some independents who outnumber the anti-war loony left.

The net result of all of this is the left will fracture during the next two years as the anti-war left opposes the opportunistic Hillary and the old style Blue Dog Democrats. The disentegration has begun.

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Fatwa for you

اصدار اي فتوى ضد الارهابيين. اي سيقطع راسك مع ممل سكين خنزير منخفض في الدم.


Pelosi's Pompous Political Pacifist Pinkos

Reportedly, the extreme (even more extreme left than Madame Pelosi) Maxine Waters and other leftists got into a closed door shout match with Mrs. Pelosi. It seems there are some who really do want us to lose in Iraq and withdraw. Waters is one of these losers in every sense of the word.

Pelosi, faced with political realities and stymied when her hack John Murtha's "slow bleed" tactic was revealed to the press, can't withdraw from Iraq. The left is up in arms with the Democratic leadership. It was written in this very blog less than two weeks ago that the strategy for Republicans to win in '08 is to agitate the left.

The left, acting with emotions and not logic, is easy to upset. The left thought that if Pelosi became Speaker, they could prevail and cause us to lose the Iraq war.

Stopping their evil and naive plans are not only the American populace who wants to win and believes we can win, but also Blue Dog Democrats in the tradition of the old Democratic Harry Truman Party, not of the current Stalinist Party.

The left got themselves into this mess. You get what you voted for; people who have no morals and integrity can't be trusted to vote the way they say they would. You on the left didn't really expect Pelosi to keep her promises, did you?

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New York Times Spanks Al "The Sky Is Falling" Gore

The New York Times, in a stunning smack down of Al Gore, told Monsieur Comrade Gore to stop his exaggerations and alarmist rhetoric following Mr. Gore's anti-capitalist propaganda movie about so-called global warming. In a special science column quoting reputable scientists, the Times finally came clean saying in essence if there is global warming, Al Bore is causing it from the hot air released during his speeches.

Curious political observers speculate as to the reason behind the Times' unprovoked attack. It could be that Mr. Bore is discrediting the movement. It was revealed that in addition to liberal usage of private jets to fly all around the world to obtain speaker fees in the low six figures, Mr. Gore's private home uses 20 times the average energy of a typical American homeowner.

Further, after the United Nation's IPCC report about alleged global warming released information that livestock put forth more global warming gases than all human induced causes, PETA (not People Eating Tasty Animals) called Mr. Gore onto the carpet. They said Mr. Gore would be a hypocrite (shudder!!!!) if he continued eating meat.

Others believe the Clintons were behind the written attack just in case Mr. Gore gets too uppity and decides to get in Hillary's way.

We may never learn the real reason behind The New York Times finally moving close to the line of truth, but one thing is for certain; to the left, Mr. Gore is no longer a useful idiot. He is just an idiot.

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